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In this section of Telson Survival you will find articles and guides related to emergency preparedness, natural disaster survival and how to live off the grid.

The topics covered include: weather-related disasters, political and social upheaval, local emergencies, natural disasters, climate change, long-term social decline, electrical power generation, water storage and much more!

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Full List Of Prepper Guides

Best Premade Bug Out Bag [11 Picks For Emergency Preparedness]

If you can’t put together a survival Bug Out Bag from scratch, follow this guide to decide on the best Premade Bug Out Bag for preppers on the market today!

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How to Survive a Landslide [Landslide Survival Kit]

Prepare to survive a landslide by subscribing to a landslide warning service, prepping a landslide survival kit and reinforcing your home and property.

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How to Survive an Earthquake [Earthquake Survival Kit]

Survive an earthquake by: reinforcing your house and furniture, having an earthquake survival kit and practicing the “drop, cover, hold on” survival drill.

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How to Survive a Tsunami [Tsunami Survival Kit]

Preparing a Tsunami survival kit, heeding Tsunami alerts, avoiding Tsunami waters, and buying a “Survival Capsule” are all part of how to survive a Tsunami.

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How to Survive a Flood [Flash Flood Survival Kit]

You can survive a flood by making a flood survival plan: secure your home, prepare a flood survival kit, buy flood insurance, chart a flood evacuation route.

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How to Survive a Heat Wave

In this article we talk about how to survive a heat wave by recognizing heat stress symptoms and learning to mitigate the effects of hot weather on the body.

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How to Survive a Nuclear Attack or Disaster [Complete Guide]

This article aims to answer the main question one might have around the topic: how to survive a nuclear attack or nuclear disaster? Can you come out alive?

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How to Survive a Wildfire

This guide will teach you how to prepare your home for a forest fire, how to escape, and how to survive a wildfire if you find yourself in a vehicle or on foot.

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11 Bug Out Location Essentials

It doesn’t matter if you are new to survivalism or prepping or if you are a seasoned veteran. Everyone needs a bug out location.

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How to Build Shelter in the Wilderness (11 Types of Shelter Explained)

In this article you will learn about 11 types of survival shelters that could save your life in a wilderness survival scenario.

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