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Survival Gear Reviews

Survival gear comes in many forms, shapes and sizes.

In these articles we review the best prepper gear for survival, try show you multiple options with their pro's and con's and ultimately provide our best recommendations for your survival gear bags.

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Best Survival Knife

Whether for wilderness survival, urban self-defense, everyday carry, or simply being prepared for the unexpected, a good survival knife is indispensable. 
Survival Knife Reviews
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All Survival Gear Reviews

Best Rocket Stove + DYI Rocket Stove Plans

In this article we review the best rocket stoves, explain the rocket stove principles, the features of the best rocket stoves and show DIY rocket stove plans.

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Best Survival Tomahawk - 11 Tactical Prepper Choices

In this article we dive into everything you need to know before buying the best survival tomahawk - a weapon and survival tool used by Native Americans.

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Best Survival Hatchets (8 Survival Prepping Options)

A survival hatchet embodies versatility and portability. In this article we review the best survival hatchet for your bug out bag and survival prepping.

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Best Survival Axe [10 Picks for Emergency Preparedness]

A survival axe is an indispensable survival tool to have in your bug out bag.
In this article we review our top 10 best survival axes and why you need one!

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Best Portable Survival Stove [7 Survival Prepping Options]

Portable survival stoves can be moved and carried easily during an emergency bug out. Read our guide for an informed decision about this crucial survival tool.

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Best Survival Water Filter [8 Prepper Choices]

If SHTF, what water filter will you be bringing with you in your bug out bag? This article will give you a complete review of the best survival water filters.

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Best Survival Knife Sharpener & 5 Must Have Accessories

What options for quality survival knife sharpeners do you have in the market? We review for you 7 of the best ones.

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Best Get Home Bag Backpack

The Get Home Bag is designed to get you back to your family, your food stores and your Bug Out Bag whenever or wherever SHTF.

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Best Bug Out Bag Backpack

A bug out bag has to be spacious, comfortable, versatile and durable. Here are our top bug out bags: best all-rounder, budget, stealth and premade backpacks.

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Best Survival Backpack [Top 10 Prepper Picks]

A survival backpack is designed to keep you alive when you have no shelter to rely on. They are a survivalist essential tool and choosing the right one matters.

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