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In this section of Telson Survival you will find articles related to Self Defense, Home Protection and Homesteading.

The topics covered will include: best survival foods and how to build a stockpile, water storage for survival, how to build a shelter, first aid kits and how to use them, basic self defense skills and tactics, building your own survival garden and much more!

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Dehydrating Survival Food [Complete Guide]

In this guide to dehydrating food, we’ll cover everything you need to know to preserve your survival garden harvests, bulk up your survival food cache, and create homemade instant survival meals.

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Best Survival Food Vacuum Sealer [7 Picks For Preppers]

With a good quality vacuum sealer you can: prevent freezer burn, extend the shelf life of survival food, prepare and store ready-to-eat survival meals and much more!

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5 Best Survival Food Dehydrators For SHTF Food Stockpiles

We’re going to talk about what foods you can dehydrate, different methods to dry them, how food dehydrators work and what is the best survival food dehydrator.

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Best Survival Food Canner [5 Homesteader Options]

In this buyer guide we help you understand what to look for in a canner, the different kinds of canners, and how to pick the best survival food canner for you.

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Best Gray Man Backpack [8 Stealth Backpacks]

In this buyer guide we tell you what is a gray man bag, what makes a great stealth backpack and review 8 gray man backpacks that make a perfect gray man bag.

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Prepping Survival Food for Long Term Storage

In this article we talk about prepping your survival food for long term storage. We explain what you need to look for to identify the “bad apples” - literally!

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The 6 Best Methods for Survival Food Preservation

In this informative guide on traditional survival food preservation methods, we’ll get you started on your journey towards prepping your food if or when SHTF.

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The Best Survival Garden Seeds and Tools

If you’ve been toying with the idea of starting your survival garden you most likely want to know what are the best survival garden seeds and tools out there!

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Best Non-Lethal Self-Defense Tools [13 Prepper Picks]

In this article, we explain 13 of the best non-lethal self-defense tools and give you some crucial tips for buying and using non-lethal self-defense weapons.

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Gray Man Gear [17 EDC Tools For Stealthy Preppers]

In this gray man gear prepper guide we will walk you through the everyday carry items you will need to master the art of survival while remaining a Gray Man.

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