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In these article you will find out what is the best survival gear you should buy and understand the survival skills needed to use them effectively.

The topics covered include how to put together a bug out bag or get home bag, essential survival tools reviews, how to tackle survival scenarios for urban zones or wilderness, how to use survival items to stay alive, basic survival skills like starting a fire and navigation with a compass and many more.

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Jungle Bug Out Bag Checklist (11 Essential Items)

In this article we create a jungle survival gear list for your bug out bag and we will cover what to bring into the jungle if you have the luxury of planning your time there.

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Jungle Survival Skills for Adventurous Preppers

Many are intimidated of venturing into a jungle, but if you have basic jungle survival skills, it doesn’t have to be the horror show that most folks imagine.

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Wildfire Survival Kit

This guide will help you build a wildfire survival kit with the essential gear you’ll need for: home, car, wildfire evacuation ‘go’ bag, and for the wilderness.

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Best Survival Water Filter [8 Prepper Choices]

If SHTF, what water filter will you be bringing with you in your bug out bag? This article will give you a complete review of the best survival water filters.

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How to Build a Prepper Survival Cache

How can you increase your chances of survival if you find yourself far from your survival supplies? The solution is simple: prepare a survival cache.

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Best Survival Knife Sharpener & 5 Must Have Accessories

What options for quality survival knife sharpeners do you have in the market? We review for you 7 of the best ones.

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10 Wilderness Survival Skills for the Bug Out Prepper

This article will take it back to basics and cover the essential wilderness survival skills you need to know if you’re going to survive out in the wild.

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22 Disaster Survival Skills for Emergency Preparedness

Read this guide to learn the disaster survival skills you need to help you cope with various dangerous situations and survival scenarios related to disasters.

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Urban Survival Skills [SHTF Guide for the Urban Prepper]

If SHTF, could you survive with the urban survival skills you know at the moment?

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10 Basic Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life

It can feel overwhelming to be prepared for every single situation, but there are basic survival skills which are imperative to learn for any given scenario.

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