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About Us

Why Telson Survival?

Guided by nature, we’ve decided to incorporate the telson into our name and image, as we believe it embodies the exact characteristics we want to inspire in people.

A telson is an arthropod’s posterior-most appendage.

The most iconic and well-known telson belongs to the scorpion.
We generally refer to it by the name of stinger, and it’s the primary method of catching prey.

In fact, about 25 species of scorpion can inject venom so powerful through their telsons, that they can kill humans.

Another example of a telson is possessed by the mantis shrimp.

However, unlike the scorpion, for the mantis shrimp the telson is a method of defense and protection.

The mantis shrimps’ telson is so strong that scientists are using it as a basis to develop lightweight, highly impact-resistant materials.

In essence, the telson embodies the evolution of some the most important facets of survival: the need to hunt, to provide sustenance, the need to defend and to stay safe.

What is Telson Survival?

Telson Survival is meant to be a website that takes away your fear of the unknown and replaces it with confidence and security.

Throughout our pages you will find guides and articles to help you cope with unexpected emergencies or disasters.

You will learn to be prepared and equipped for any such situation.
And most importantly, you will have the skills necessary to protect yourself, your family, and even your community.

You will find sections dedicated to Survival Gear and the Survival Skills needed to properly use these tools, articles dedicated to Emergency Survival and Disaster Preparedness, as well as an area dedicated to Self-Defense and Home Preparation.
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Telson Survival's Mission

From our own need to learn more and be prepared we’ve decided to expand into an entire platform dedicated to prepping and survival.

We quickly realized that the number of topics that can be tackled from a preparedness point of view is very large.
There is a great diversity in the type of emergencies that can happen at any time and each requires a different response. And of course, the skills that you have and the gear at your disposal, can greatly impact your chances of survival.

Because of this we’ve decided to create this knowledge platform that will be constantly updated with information, guides, tips and tricks on how to be prepared and increase your chances of survival in any type of situation.

It is our hope that you find the information within our website helpful and useful, and that together we can build and grow a community centered around a reasonable and responsible sense of prepping!

Start your survival prepping journey with the below guides!