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In this section of Telson Survival you will find articles and guides related to emergency preparedness, natural disaster survival and how to live off the grid.

The topics covered include: weather-related disasters, political and social upheaval, local emergencies, natural disasters, climate change, long-term social decline, electrical power generation, water storage and much more!

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Full List Of Prepper Guides

Best Survival Scissors (Leatherman Raptor Alternatives)

Whether you need your survival scissors in an emergency situation or for ordinary survival tasks while hiking or on an off-grid escapade, EMT shears will be a great addition in any prepper Bug Out Bag.

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Leatherman Raptor Shears Review - Best Prepper Scissors

We’ll tell you everything about this 6-in-1 multi-tool in this article! We review the features, tools, and accessories of the Leatherman Raptor, its uses, how to sharpen it when it dulls and if it’s worth the hefty price for preppers!

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Off Grid Solar Water Heaters (Complete Prepper Guide)

Off grid preppers need a solar water heater because it is a cheap option to get hot water. In this article we discuss their benefits and disadvantages and explore the best options for off grid solar water heaters.

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Best 3 Prepper Scanners (+Top Police Scanner Frequencies)

During a catastrophe, preppers must be able to anticipate a bunch of key survival needs. Communication is vital in this, and a police scanner can help you stay one step ahead of everyone else.

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Emergency Fuel Storage: 8 Best Fuel Cans And Tanks for Preppers

Because fossil fuels have a limited shelf life, knowing how and where to store them for the long term is extremely important. This article considers the storage of common petroleum fuels from a prepper perspective.

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Best Prepper Laptop [3 Bug Out Bag SHTF Laptops]

In this article we discuss whether you would need a laptop when SHTF, the reasons you should consider one for your bug out bag, and our top prepper laptop choices!

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Prepper Electric Car - Bug Out Vehicle Of The Future?

Prepper electric cars are bug out vehicles powered by electricity. They have an advantage over conventional gas or diesel-powered engines because they can be charged using alternative energy sources (solar, wind etc.).

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Is Off Grid Solar Legal? | A Prepper Perspective

Off-grid solar is generally legal in the United States. All solar installations, however, must be consistent with any state, city, or town regulations. Learn more about off grid solar legality in the article below!

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5 Long Term Fuel Storage Methods (For Off Grid Preppers)

Storing fuel is a crucial prepping detail. Since none of us knows when a SHTF situation will happen, there is no discussion around whether you should store fuel. What could be up for debate is how to store fuel long term.

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3 Quiet Off Grid Generators + 7 Ways To Sound Proof A Generator

Buying a quiet generator is the first step in limiting the noise from an off-grid generator. You can also use generator noise soundproofing methods like: a soundproof shed, a generator muffler, increasing the padding underneath the generator.

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