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This part of Telson Survival will tell you everything you need to know about building your own Go Bags from scratch.

The topics discussed revolve around comprehensive survival gear lists, along with explanations for each item recommended. Based on these, any prepper can learn how to put together specialized bug out bags or get home bags like: a woman's bug out bag, an urban bug out bag, a truck bug out bag and many more!

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Urban Bug Out Bag List

Most of us live in urban environments. Because of this, we believe the Urban Bug Out Bag is one of the most important items any prepper should have on hand. 
Gear Up For Urban Bugging Out
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Go Bag Lists By Type

Truck Bug Out Bag (11 Vehicle Bug Out Bag Item Categories)

A car / vehicle / truck bug out bag is the go-bag with a complete set of survival items and gear that you keep in your vehicle always so that you can grab it and go should you need to abandon your car when SHTF.

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Urban Bug Out Bag List: 23 Survival Items For Urban Preppers

An urban bug out bag is a comprehensive kit with the essential items that you need to increase your chances of survival should disaster strike when you are in a city. This gear list should support your survival needs for at least 72 hours.

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Best Women's Bug Out Bag List (Female Prepper Gear)

Giving a feminine touch to your bug out bag doesn’t have to be a hassle, and a woman’s survival bag can be made to make a disaster situation less stressful. This article will give you survival tips and gear suggestions to make your prepping easier and thorough!

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