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Being completely dependent on somebody else can leave you vulnerable. More so if we're talking about survival essentials like food, water or shelter.

This series of survival guides is meant to take you through the most important steps of going off the grid. Being self reliant, having your own power sources, water storage and food supplies will make a world of difference when SHTF!

Start your off grid living right here:

How To Go Off Grid

Going off the grid means opting for an autonomous life away from the city. It entails living without relying on municipal utilities such as power, gas, water, and other community utilities and without public sewerage and garbage disposal services. 
Go Off Grid
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Off Grid Solar Water Heaters (Complete Prepper Guide)

Off grid preppers need a solar water heater because it is a cheap option to get hot water. In this article we discuss their benefits and disadvantages and explore the best options for off grid solar water heaters.

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Emergency Fuel Storage: 8 Best Fuel Cans And Tanks for Preppers

Because fossil fuels have a limited shelf life, knowing how and where to store them for the long term is extremely important. This article considers the storage of common petroleum fuels from a prepper perspective.

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Is Off Grid Solar Legal? | A Prepper Perspective

Off-grid solar is generally legal in the United States. All solar installations, however, must be consistent with any state, city, or town regulations. Learn more about off grid solar legality in the article below!

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5 Long Term Fuel Storage Methods (For Off Grid Preppers)

Storing fuel is a crucial prepping detail. Since none of us knows when a SHTF situation will happen, there is no discussion around whether you should store fuel. What could be up for debate is how to store fuel long term.

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3 Quiet Off Grid Generators + 7 Ways To Sound Proof A Generator

Buying a quiet generator is the first step in limiting the noise from an off-grid generator. You can also use generator noise soundproofing methods like: a soundproof shed, a generator muffler, increasing the padding underneath the generator.

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Off Grid Solar Power – Is It Worth The Trouble?

If you’re a prepper trying to prepare for SHTF, then the question might seem redundant. After all, what’s more important than being energy independent in case of a survival or emergency scenario?

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Best Dual Fuel Generator [6 Options For Bugging In]

Because they can be relied on during emergencies, dual fuel generators are winning the hearts of preppers and gaining quick popularity. Check out our 6 picks for the best dual fuel generators on the market today.

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DIY Off Grid Solar Power System (8 Step Guide)

The main advantage with a DIY off grid solar system is that picking each piece separately often turns out to be cheaper. If you feel you're up to the task, here are 8 steps on how to do this.

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7 Best Off The Grid Solar System Packages for Preppers

An off-grid solar system package is a set of parts which when connected create a complete electricity-generating process by harnessing solar energy and converting it to usable power.

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Best Solar Generator For Off-Grid Living

Because it’s easier to tap the Sun’s energy off-the-grid, a survival solar generator wouldn’t be a bad option at all. In fact, you should consider it a top ‘must-have’ off-grid item.

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