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In these article you will find out what is the best survival gear you should buy and understand the survival skills needed to use them effectively.

The topics covered include how to put together a bug out bag or get home bag, essential survival tools reviews, how to tackle survival scenarios for urban zones or wilderness, how to use survival items to stay alive, basic survival skills like starting a fire and navigation with a compass and many more.

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Best Survival Flare Gun [3 Prepper Choices]

A flare gun is a pistol-like device that fires flares for signaling or illumination in emergencies. This article will help you decide what the “right” flare gun is for preppers!

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Survival Foraging: Edible Plant Guide For Preppers

Urban, suburban, rural, and wilderness preppers should all study and master survival foraging. This basic foraging guide will get you thinking about finding survival foods in the wild.

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Survival Flares: 23 Prepper Signal Flare Questions Answered

Survival flares are signaling pyrotechnics that use bright lighting. In this article we answer 23 common questions preppers could have about flares.

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Survival Smoke Grenades: A Prepper Must-Have?

No stone will be left unturned as we explore everything preppers need to know about smoke grenades. What are the best to buy and should you keep them in your Bug Out Bag?

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Survival Pry Bar vs. Prepper Crowbar [6 Urban Bug Out Bag Picks]

This article explores the similarities and differences between survival pry bars and prepper crowbars. We discuss their uses, benefits, drawbacks and the best pry bars and crowbars you can buy today.

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14 Prepper Chemicals: What To Store And How To Use Them

There is a limitless number of chemical supplies that could prove useful for survivalists. In this article we highlight some of the most important chemicals preppers should know about.

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How To Signal An SOS [12 Life-Saving Methods]

SOS is a universal code used to signal distress, predominantly used by ships at sea. With time, however, it has been accepted as a universal plea for help in virtually any situation.

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Best Survival Walkie Talkie [6 Choices For Preppers]

Communication channels may break down due to natural calamities or terror attacks. How do you signal for help or reach your loved ones when there is no phone signal? This is where survival walkie talkies come to the rescue.

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The 5 Best Survival Matches For Survival Preparedness

You never know when you’re going to need a good set of fast-acting waterproof survival matches even if you have other fire starters in your bug out bag!

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5 Best Fire Pistons (A Cool And Breezy Way To Build Fire)

Fire pistons may pose a bit of a challenge to beginner preppers, but they are a dependable fire starting fallback option, that tops any survivalist's gear list.

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