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Homesteading Guides

Being able to grow your own food, either vegetables or small animals, is an incredibly powerful skill.

In these survival guides we will teach you all about Homesteading: growing your own survival food, raising small animals, long term survival food preservation and many more topics. By learning these skills you will always have survival resources at your disposal, regardless of how society moves forward.

Start building your Homestead right here:

How to start a Survival Garden

In this guide on how to start a survival garden we'll go over all the basics you need to know to get you started in the world of prepper farming. 
Start A Survival Garden
Raised vegetable beds in a survival garden

All Homesteading Articles

7 Meat Preservation Methods For Preppers [Without Refrigeration]

We argue that storing meat without refrigeration is one of the most important skills every prepper needs to learn. In this article we talk about several methods to store meat long term even if you don't have a freezer.

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9 Best Small Animals To Raise [In A Prepper Survival Garden]

Low maintenance homestead animals are the key to a self-sufficient farm. In this guide we list the best small animals to raise in your survival garden and how to include them in your prepper plans.

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25 Homesteading Skills For Preppers (Basic & Advanced)

These essential homesteading skills will help you overcome difficult times, increase your self-sufficiency, and feel a sense of self-confidence and peace of mind that can only come with true preparedness.

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20 Best Medicinal Plants [For A Survival Garden]

In this article, we’re going to tell you which are the best medicinal plants to include in your survival garden so you can grow your own medicines and take control of your health.

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How to Store Dehydrated Food for Long Term Survival

Storing your survival food properly is the key factor in how long it will keep. Improperly stored dehydrated food can easily go bad and potentially leave you in a pinch in an emergency.

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The Best Foods to Dehydrate (For Preppers)

In this section of our Ultimate Guide to Dehydrating Survival Food, we are going to talk specifically about the best foods to dehydrate for long term food stocks.

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Dehydrating Survival Food [Complete Guide]

In this guide to dehydrating food, we’ll cover everything you need to know to preserve your survival garden harvests, bulk up your survival food cache, and create homemade instant survival meals.

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Best Survival Food Vacuum Sealer [7 Picks For Preppers]

With a good quality vacuum sealer you can: prevent freezer burn, extend the shelf life of survival food, prepare and store ready-to-eat survival meals and much more!

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5 Best Survival Food Dehydrators For SHTF Food Stockpiles

We’re going to talk about what foods you can dehydrate, different methods to dry them, how food dehydrators work and what is the best survival food dehydrator.

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Best Survival Food Canner [5 Homesteader Options]

In this buyer guide we help you understand what to look for in a canner, the different kinds of canners, and how to pick the best survival food canner for you.

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