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Emergency Preparedness Guides

An emergency situation can happen at any time, without warning. Most people are unprepared, have no idea how to react and lose their cool.

You can be on top of any emergency scenario by having at least minimal prepper training, a well prepared bug out bag and knowledge of what to do in various emergency survival scenarios.

Start prepping for emergencies right here:

Best Premade Bug Out Bag

If you can’t put together a survival Bug Out Bag from scratch, follow this guide to decide on the best Premade Bug Out Bag for preppers on the market today! 
Equip Yourself For Emergencies
Various types of premade bug out bags and survival gear.

Emergency Survival Guides

Best Survival Scissors (Leatherman Raptor Alternatives)

Whether you need your survival scissors in an emergency situation or for ordinary survival tasks while hiking or on an off-grid escapade, EMT shears will be a great addition in any prepper Bug Out Bag.

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Leatherman Raptor Shears Review - Best Prepper Scissors

We’ll tell you everything about this 6-in-1 multi-tool in this article! We review the features, tools, and accessories of the Leatherman Raptor, its uses, how to sharpen it when it dulls and if it’s worth the hefty price for preppers!

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Best 3 Prepper Scanners (+Top Police Scanner Frequencies)

During a catastrophe, preppers must be able to anticipate a bunch of key survival needs. Communication is vital in this, and a police scanner can help you stay one step ahead of everyone else.

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Best Prepper Laptop [3 Bug Out Bag SHTF Laptops]

In this article we discuss whether you would need a laptop when SHTF, the reasons you should consider one for your bug out bag, and our top prepper laptop choices!

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Prepper Electric Car - Bug Out Vehicle Of The Future?

Prepper electric cars are bug out vehicles powered by electricity. They have an advantage over conventional gas or diesel-powered engines because they can be charged using alternative energy sources (solar, wind etc.).

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Best Emergency Portable Solar Generator

If you're a prepper looking for a long term power source that you can easily carry around, we’ll tell you everything about the best emergency power generators on the market.

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Best Premade Bug Out Bag [11 Picks For Emergency Preparedness]

If you can’t put together a survival Bug Out Bag from scratch, follow this guide to decide on the best Premade Bug Out Bag for preppers on the market today!

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How to Survive a Nuclear Attack or Disaster [Complete Guide]

This article aims to answer the main question one might have around the topic: how to survive a nuclear attack or nuclear disaster? Can you come out alive?

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11 Bug Out Location Essentials

It doesn’t matter if you are new to survivalism or prepping or if you are a seasoned veteran. Everyone needs a bug out location.

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How to Build Shelter in the Wilderness (11 Types of Shelter Explained)

In this article you will learn about 11 types of survival shelters that could save your life in a wilderness survival scenario.

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