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In this section of Telson Survival we highlight and explain various prepper survival skills.

We try to explain each skill in detail, but the most important part will be "practice". None of these survival skills will bring you much peace of mind or increase your chances of survival unless you practice them before an emergency happens!

Increase your confidence with survival skills:

Basic Survival Skills

Prepping should go hand in hand with basic survival skills that enable you to put into practice what you've learned. 
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Survival Foraging: Edible Plant Guide For Preppers

Urban, suburban, rural, and wilderness preppers should all study and master survival foraging. This basic foraging guide will get you thinking about finding survival foods in the wild.

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14 Prepper Chemicals: What To Store And How To Use Them

There is a limitless number of chemical supplies that could prove useful for survivalists. In this article we highlight some of the most important chemicals preppers should know about.

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How To Signal An SOS [12 Life-Saving Methods]

SOS is a universal code used to signal distress, predominantly used by ships at sea. With time, however, it has been accepted as a universal plea for help in virtually any situation.

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How To Survive An Animal Attack When Bugging Out

If you're forced to bug out in the wilderness, you're bound to run into various wild animals. This guide will teach your how to survive animal attacks!

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How to Clean Survival Tools [Care and Maintenance of Cutting Tools]

In this article we discuss four primary ways to keep your sharp survival tools in a top-tier condition: cleaning, sharpening, oiling and storing.

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How to Build a Prepper Survival Cache

How can you increase your chances of survival if you find yourself far from your survival supplies? The solution is simple: prepare a survival cache.

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7 Ways To Purify Water In A Survival Situation

In this article you will learn various methods to purify water, either using items from your home, specialized tools or improvisations in the wild.

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How to Use Paracord for Survival

Paracord has become a survivalist sensation owing to its superior physical properties. It is strong, elastic and lightweight and can be used in emergency situations to bandage wounds, hunt for food or rescue others.

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How To Start A Fire With 6 Survival Tools

Staying warm or having a way to cook food is critical in a survival situation. That's why it's important to learn how to start a fire when bugging out.

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