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Prepare yourself and your loved ones for emergencies with survival gear and survival skills!

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In our articles we cover topics like emergency preparedness, prepping basics, self-defense and home protection.
You will learn what is the best survival gear to buy, so you don't waste money on tools that don't bring value.
With each article you read on Telson Survival you will be one step closer to surviving any disaster or emergency situation!

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These beginner guides will help you kick-start your survival prepping and show you the first steps into this complex topic.
If you're serious about protecting yourself and your family for any survival scenario, start here!
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Prepping For Beginners

This survival prepping guide for beginners will teach you how to start prepping with all the basics of prepping: mindset, skills, gear, community and more!
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Basic Survival Skills

Prepping should go hand in hand with basic survival skills that enable you to put into practice what you've learned.
This survival guide will teach you 10 basics skills every prepper should learn. 
Learn Survival Skills
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Ultimate Survival Gear List

After learning the basics of survival skills and prepping, it's time to gear yourself up for survival!
This guide will give you the best survival gear recommendations to build your first Bug Out Bag.
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Want to dive deeper into survival prepping?

Check out our articles in the categories below, ranging from Survival Gear and Survival Skills, Emergency Preparedness, Natural Disaster Survival, Off Grid Living, Home Protection, Personal Defense and Homesteading!
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This section is meant to guide you to the best survival gear you should buy, as well as the most important survival skills you need to learn in your prepper journey.
Explore Survival Topics
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In this section you'll find survival tips & tricks and prepper gear recommendations to help you overcome emergency survival scenarios, natural disasters and ways to start living off the grid.
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The articles in this section are intended to teach you how to protect your home, what self-defense tools you should buy and how to provide for your family in case society collapses with homesteading skills.
Explore Defense Topics
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Bug Out

Here preppers can find articles related to the vast topic of bugging out. We cover everything from bug out vehicles, tips & tricks on how to best bug out in case of emergencies, go bag lists of survival gear that can save you life and much more!
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A bug out bag has to be spacious, comfortable, versatile and durable. Here are our top bug out bags: best all-rounder, budget, stealth and premade backpacks.

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In this article we will cover the top 12 survival gear items that you should consider purchasing above all else – the essential survival gear for preppers.

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Learn how to survive a tornado in any given scenario or circumstance it catches you in. By the end of this article you should have a better understanding of how to protect yourself and your family from a tornado.

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Here is our round-up of the best survival foods to stockpile at home, what MREs to buy for emergencies and what survival food to keep in your Bug Out Bag.

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Understand how to replace fear with confidence by prepping for emergency survival or disaster situations with the right tools and skills.

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To be invisible, unremarkable, forgettable. Being a Gray Man is often referred to as the ultimate survival skill.

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