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18 Best Bug Out Vehicles (Prepper Choices By Types)

In this article we check out some of the best bug out rides on the market today. We've got a whole range of niche categories, and we help preppers identify some key features to look out for when choosing your best bug out vehicle!

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In the wake of a disaster, you better be prepared to abandon the area you call home. In a perfect world, you'd have a bug-out shelter within a 24–48-hour walk. But it's not a perfect world, especially when SHTF. How could you and, possibly, your family get from point A to B?

Buckle up, as we check out some of the best bug out rides on the market today. We've got a whole range of niche categories, and we help preppers identify some key features to look out for. 

The best bug-out vehicle is the EarthRoamer XV HD, a luxury overland RV built on the Ford F-750 chassis. The HD has lots of cargo space and better all-terrain capabilities than its competitors. Other notable bug-out vehicles include the Paramount Group's Marauder, the Range Rover, Can-Am Renegade X XC 1000R, and Audi RS6.

Ultimate bug out vehicle: Paramount Marauder

A lot of vehicles from various vehicle classes are strong contenders for this title. For this category, we opted for something that really emphasizes the “ultimate”. A vehicle that will stand resolute, even if things were to go World War Z.

Ironically, Paramount Group (no relation to the movie company) has the ideal set of wheels…the Marauder.

This cross-country monster is a bullet-and-bomb-proof piece of peak South African engineering. Rocking a cargo payload of 4,500kg (9920lbs) and looks only a mother could love, the Marauder is not to be messed with. Abundant storage for your food, water, supplies, bedding, and cooking facilities. All wrapped in an indestructible monocoque cocoon.

The body has high-grade ballistic and land mine protection technology that has shone in various peacekeeping missions in the Middle East. You can even install several defensive and offensive weapons systems. Machine guns, radar, sat comms. The Marauder is a true tank.

The vehicle can carry 10 people, including the driver. It is also quite a good drive, thanks to its Cummins diesel engine. The 300 horsepower hits the road at 75mph via the 4x4 (or 6x6) drivetrain. That’s right…SIX WHEELS!

Paramount offers a great range of options and high-end customizations for VIP customers. Whichever package you opt for, you can expect true all-terrain dominion thanks to the enormous off-road tires and high ground clearance. The standard APC Marauder has a curb weight of almost 22,000lbs, which will easily ram through any “obstacles” in your path to survival.

The Marauder is built to order and the entry packages start at US$480,000. Pricey, but definitely worth it. It even has 435 miles of range, which is decent for a vehicle of this size. Repairs are quite easy…because nothing breaks!

Without a doubt the most capable survival vehicle out there, the Marauder offers a level of toughness and robustness that cannot be matched.

Best bug out vehicle: EarthRoamer XV HD

While many people may debate the difference between the "ultimate" and "best" bug-out rides, we may as well include both categories so we can highlight as many great vehicles as possible. That said, the best overall bug-out ride is the EarthRoamer XV HD. It is that simple.

If you’re going to be living in a vehicle while on the go, the HD is the vehicle you must choose. While not as war-ready as the Marauder, it offers far more luxurious living. It is still tough enough to wade through a mass of rasping zombies unscathed. As the name suggests, the EarthRoamer is an all-terrain giant.

The RV is built on a massive Ford F-750 crew cab chassis. The cab itself has been upgraded with lush woodwork and heated leather seats. However, the trailer is the main attraction.

The HD’s trailer has a number of standard floor plans that can be customized further if need be. King-sized beds, induction stove, convection oven, shower, lav, BOSE sound system, you name it…all standard features. You can even get a washer/dryer. Not bad.

There’s plenty of storage space, whether it be in closets, kitchen cabinets, overhead stowage, and more. The HD can hold up to 250 gallons of freshwater, 125 gallons of black water, and 115 gallons of diesel along with your entire checklist of car survival gear.

There's plenty of natural lighting thanks to the large windows that run right around the trailer. There's also LED and ambient lighting for the nighttime. All of the best home comforts while on the go.

The main concern with this magnificent motorhome is the steep price. A standard EarthRoamer XV HD floorplan will set you back US$1.5 million before extras. All in all, you could end up paying close to two million dollars. However, for all the ruggedness, efficiency, and luxury this motorhome offers, it’s hard to argue that the price isn’t worth it.

Best bug out vehicle for a family: Chevy Silverado

There is a good chance that most of you reading this plan on bugging out with family, friends, or other companions. A lot of us have pets to consider too, so a vehicle that can cater to this is paramount.

A lot of vehicles, including the aforementioned Marauder and EarthRoamer, are well suited to transporting and supporting sizeable groups of people. Minivans and estate wagons are good people carriers too. However, as far as meeting a family’s full list of needs, there is no beating a motorhome.

Grand Design Recreational Vehicles are renowned for their remarkable fifth wheels, and our favorite is the Solitude. Of course, a fifth wheel is not a vehicle in itself because it must be towed by a suitable pickup. With a maximum weight of nearly 17,000 pounds, the Solitude is a perfect match for the awesome Chevy Silverado.

The Solitude shines with many features that wouldn’t be amiss in a typical suburban home. A lush kitchen with ample storage and numerous appliances provides a place for preparing and preserving rich meals. There is a shower with a toilet, as well as several sleeping spaces. The trailer is offered with fifteen different floor plans, each featuring different layouts and slide-outs. Further customization is available if you insist.

The Chevy Silverado Heavy Duty 3500 is a monster among a class of super bug out pickup trucks and a haulage king. The truck has imposing looks and solid American build quality that will endure all conditions. Choose between a roaring V8 or a workhorse diesel engine.

The 6.6L Duramax diesel motor is turbocharged and produces a total of 445 horsepower, with a towing capacity of 36,000 pounds and seating for five adults. Power comes from the rear wheels. Another cool thing is that you can opt for an additional pair of wheels in the rear, making the Silverado a 6-wheeled juggernaut.

The pickup-fifth wheel setup allows for great flexibility. You can easily detach the trailer at a campsite and use the truck for quick supply runs. With the Silverado’s awesome power, you can easily take the classy Solitude deep into the backwoods.

Prices for the Solitude begin around the $75,000 mark, while you can get your hands on an entry-level Silverado for less than 40 grand. A full-spec Silverado 3500 HD will cost just under $80,000.

Best urban bug out vehicle: Audi RS6 Avant

There’s nothing like a major crisis to erase the thin veneer of civilization that governs modern society. Cities and towns could easily turn into wildlands. In some cases, though, proximity to these towns may be useful for supplies or communication and rescue missions. For efficient runs through the urban jungle, you will need a set of streetwise wheels.

Very few cars embrace these qualities better than the Audi RS6 Avant. Stylish design featuring sleek lines and aggressive angles. Cutting-edge technology features that leave the mind blown. An unparalleled driving experience for fans of sharp handling and neck-breaking acceleration.

Of course, the Audi also has the estate wagon’s standout feature…storage space. The five-seater estate has 19 cubic feet of storage in the trunk. This can be expanded to 30 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded down. Towing capacity is a respectable 4600lbs and roof rails can be added as an extra.

Storage is cool, but the best thing about this car is just how fast it is. The RS6 hits 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds. The top speed is LIMITED to 189mph! Talk about rapid. All of this performance is thanks to the incredible 4.0L twin-turbo V8 that whips out 600 horsepower and 590 ft-lb of torque. Those are some serious numbers.

Don’t think that the Audi is only a straight-line pony. As a matter of fact, the RS6 truly shines in the corners thanks to the Quattro all-wheel-drive drivetrain that distributes power between the wheels as and when needed. Carbon-ceramic brakes and rear-wheel steering will give you extra confidence when you tackle treacherous hairpin turns.

The car’s engine has loads of hybrid-esque technologies that help with fuel efficiency. The RS6 will do 22 mpg on the highway. Premium gas of course…nothing less for a $100,000 super wagon.

Legal or not, there might be times when you need to speed. Whether it’s to evade bandits and corrupted law enforcement, or a race against time to save a loved one. The Audi ticks those boxes in style. It is suited to all weather conditions. Optional laser lights make nighttime driving a cinch, and the user-friendly infotainment system aids in navigation, parking, reversing, and entertainment.

An estate wagon is a great choice for lone preppers, couples, or small families. A camper trailer would also be a good idea.

Best suburban bug out vehicle: Toyota Sienna

The whole soccer mom-in-a-minivan-coming-to-the-rescue gimmick in horror films is quite played out at this point. However, it still highlights the importance of vehicles with quick and easy access.

The Toyota Sienna is one such minivan, and its reliability and technology make it a sleeper pick for the best bug-out vehicle overall. We recommend the Platinum package, which is jam-packed with innumerable features and technology.

The Platinum Sienna starts at about $50,000, which is a bargain considering the range of features, storage space, and driving experience. Also, Toyotas are very reliable, and the Sienna has continually outshone its gimmickier competitors over the years.

The car is available with an all-wheel-drive system or with a front-wheel-drive setup. Both drivetrains feature Toyota's 2.5L hybrid engine. A decent 243 horsepower is managed through four driving modes.

Independent suspension and electric power steering maximize the Sienna’s handling and poise, while a six-inch ground clearance allows for light off-roading. The minivan sits on 18-inch wheels as standard, but you can upgrade to 20-inch wheels if you wish.

The Sienna is also pretty efficient on the road, with 36mpg on the highway. The AWD version has two electric motors in the front and one in the rear. The front-wheel Sienna only has two motors in the front. The car has been commended for its environmental feats, and it has been awarded the status of a Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV).

The interior is nice and comfortable, with futuristic lighting and styling. The seats are leather-trimmed and heated. The dashboard is a tech fest, and the infotainment system is best in class. The car is basically a super digital nanny. Safety features such as lane assist, oncoming traffic door locking, and Birds Eye View perimeter scanning make this one of the best family cars ever.

Storage isn't bad either. The Sienna has 101 cubic feet of interior space when the second and third-row seats are folded down. You can boost storage with a trailer thanks to the car’s 3,500lb towing capacity.

Minivans like the Sienna are a good choice for small-medium-sized families, especially if little or no off-roading is involved. Minivans also have great fuel efficiency and their performance capabilities keep expanding. These suburban vehicles are also very comfortable, which makes long journeys a little easier.

Best cheap / affordable bug out vehicle: GMC Savana Cargo

Of course, not everyone can afford $2,000,000 RVs or $100,000 station wagons. Bugging out is not just for the rich, and the same thing goes for bug-out vehicles. Luckily, there are loads of affordable vehicles to choose from. Honestly speaking, the best way to save money when shopping for a bug-out ride is to search in the used vehicle market. Lots of second-hand vehicles are still fit for purpose, which means you can easily score a bargain.

As far as new vehicles go, few can match the extraordinary value-for-money offered by GMC’s 2021 Savana Cargo Van. With a base price just below $32,000, the van represents a real bargain.

The Savana boasts 283 cubic feet of onboard storage and it has a towing capacity of up to 10,000lbs. It also seats five and has a big sliding side door for easy access. Loading and unloading gear is very easy and the interior cabin features multiple tie-down points so your stuff won’t move around.

The Savana Cargo bug out van is powered by a 4.3L V6 gas engine. It produces 276 horsepower on a rear-wheel drivetrain. The transmission is an 8-speed automatic setup. The van’s handling is decent thanks to its suspension and electronic stability control. Unfortunately, the Savana does not have any form of cruise control, which is a bummer.

The van also boasts a few technological features including 4G Wi-Fi, power outlets, and an electrical theft-deterrent system. The windows and windshield also have a built-in defogger.

Your budget is a key part of your survival strategy. You don’t want to splurge all your money on a vehicle. You will need supplies and tools as well as communication devices and other emergency gear. Those things aren’t cheap, so the more money you can save, the better. A lot of the cars on this list have predecessors of similar quality. Make sure to visit your local lots and get a feel for them.

Best diesel bug out vehicle: Jeep Gladiator

Diesel is widely regarded as being more efficient than gasoline, with cars that run on the former typically having greater ranges than gas vehicles.

With many superb diesel machines, this category is a hotly contested one. The aforementioned Chevy Silverado truck is one such example. However, since we've already spoken about it, let's turn our attention to another diesel monster…the Jeep Gladiator.

This unique pickup truck is pretty much a Wrangler with a long load bed in the rear. It boasts its famous sibling’s facia and interior features, as well as Jeep’s legendary 4x4 drivetrain. The $45,000 Rubicon Gladiator package is available with a 3.6L V6 diesel engine.

This engine allows the 5-seater Gladiator to hit a fuel efficiency of 23mpg on the highways. The car, like most Jeeps, can be modified to carry extra fuel canisters.

The Jeep has a total cargo payload of 1,700lbs and a towing capacity of 7,765lbs, which is considerable storage. The Gladiator proudly carries on Jeep’s off-road genes, which means you and your cargo will make it through any terrain you encounter.

Optional extras like the winch will help preppers maneuver through the stickiest situations. The roof is also removable, for that classic Wrangler experience. A true Jeep.

Best electric bug out vehicle: Arc Vector

Since we’re prepping for future scenarios, it makes sense to also look at some electric vehicles.

At this point, everyone and their grandmother, have written all there is to write about the Tesla Cybertruck. So, instead, let's focus on something a little less heralded but no less spectacular.

Introducing the Vector, an electric superbike from British company Arc. Technically speaking, the bike is still upcoming and available for pre-order (at the time of writing). Futuristic looks and out-of-this-world performance secures this bike’s status as one of the hottest new electric vehicles.

The Vector’s body is a chassis battery monocoque that is made from weight-saving carbon fiber. The design is very slick and poised as if edging the rider on. Arc customers can choose bespoke colors for the bike and seat.

Powered by a 399V electric motor, the Vector goes from 0-60mph in just three seconds and has a top speed of 125mph. The transmission has no clutch and features a single gear that is utilized via different riding power modes.

Ride quality is excellent thanks to the Ohlins TTX suspension and carbon fiber swing arms. The bike also features hub center steering for maximum agility and Brembo Stylema brakes for stopping power.

The Samsung electric motor has a range of 270 miles and only requires 40 minutes to achieve a full charge.

Arc has also created some cool support systems and gear. The Human Machine Interface is one such system that provides feedback to the rider via a haptic riding suit. The system also links with the Head-Up Display on the Arc Zenith riding helmet. Vital information is fed directly to the visor in real-time, Ironman-style.

This bug out bike would be perfect as an auxiliary ride if you have a larger vehicle like a pickup truck. Electric vehicles could very well be the future of transportation. The main issue with EVs today, however, is the lack of widespread charging stations. Tesla’s network is quite advanced, but it only works for Tesla vehicles.

So maybe don’t take eyes off that Cybertruck after all.

Best daily driver bug out vehicle: Jeep Wrangler JL

A daily driver is a vehicle that can be used every day for a variety of purposes. In a prepper context, it is a jack of all trades vehicle. Your daily driver must be able to handle the environments you face regularly.

For this category, we’ve chosen the Jeep Wrangler JL. Yes, it may lean towards the off-road side of things, but it is still brilliant everywhere else. There are several trim packages to choose from, including the V8-powered Rubicon Wrangler.

The bug out Jeep offers classic ruggedness and modern comforts. Leather seats, a wicked sound system, and plenty of storage space. The removable roof is still present as well. The ride quality is very good, regardless of the terrain.

The Wrangler is also famous for its aftermarket customizability. You can install winches, raised suspensions, additional storage compartments, and more through many different body shops and service centers.

The car is available in standard Wrangler (2-door) or Wrangler Unlimited (4-door) layouts, depending on the trim. You can get the base trim for just under $30,000.

The Wrangler is an excellent daily driver because it can go virtually anywhere, it is fast, has decent fuel mileage, and people-carrying capabilities.

Best long-range bug-out vehicle (most fuel-efficient): Toyota Prius Prime

The issue of fuel is a natural concern for any prepper on wheels. There’s nothing quite like a catastrophe to disrupt supply chains for everyday resources like gasoline and diesel. No one knows how readily available fuel will be when SHTF so a fuel-saving vehicle is definitely worth considering.

The Toyota Prius Prime is the winner of this segment. With an incredible combined efficiency of 52mpg, it is Toyota’s most advanced hybrid vehicle to date.

All Prius Prime trim packages, including the top-of-the-line Limited, seat five people comfortably. The standard bells and whistles (Alexa, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, etc.) are all included for a great experience during short or long journeys.

The Prius Prime has a 1.8L ECVT Hybrid motor that delivers 121 horsepower to the front wheels. It has an independent front suspension and a multi-link rear suspension, which helps you tackle the corners with precision. Electric Power Steering also gives the car a decent turning circle.

The car has three driving modes: Electric Vehicle Mode, Hybrid Vehicle Mode, and EV Auto Mode. EV Auto Mode uses Artificial Intelligence to shift between electrical and hybrid power whenever it is required. All this improves the vehicle’s efficiency on the road.

Storage is fairly respectable, with nearly 20 cubic feet of cargo space. With a bit of aftermarket help, you can install a tow hitch for the car and haul up to 2,000lbs of cargo. You can also install bike and cargo racks directly onto the vehicle.

Word of warning…vehicles that emphasize economy usually present serious compromises in performance.

Best EMP-proof bug out vehicle: Chevrolet Spark LS

Electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) are bursts of electromagnetic energy that can disrupt technological and electronic systems. These can occur naturally in the form of lightning. They can also be generated by humans and used maliciously during times of war. These are known as EMP attacks.

Now, with all the technology they have these days, modern vehicles could be quite vulnerable to EMP disturbances. In this context, “modern” means anything made after 1950. A full-scale EMP attack could render a lot of the cars on the road virtually useless.

While there are many alleged methods of EMP-proofing your vehicle, there is no outright EMP-proof vehicle. Protection from EMP attacks depends on the positioning of any electronic components relative to the chassis. The chassis behaves as a faraday cage that shields components from electrostatic and electromagnetic charges. Components that are outside the chassis frame, such as headlights and turn signals, are most vulnerable to EMP disruptions.

Therefore, it is clear that the fewer electronics a vehicle has, the lower its vulnerability to EMPs. Luckily, there are still some awesome cars that cling to the good old days, where driving was about…driving.

Chevrolet’s Spark LS is a true minimalist’s dream. The little manual hatchback doesn’t even have power windows! No annoying steering wheel buttons either, just a simple driving experience. You do get an infotainment setup with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The good news is that an EMP attack would only serve to wipe out your tunes.

The $14,000 entry-level LS has a 1.4L ECOTEC engine which has 4 cylinders. The five-speed manual gearbox feels very manly, which is surprising in such an adorable little car. Unlike other Spark trims, the LS doesn’t have keyless entry, which continues the anti-EMP sentiment.

Best luxury bug out vehicle: Range Rover

Just because you are roughing it outdoors doesn’t mean that you should suffer in mobile squalor. If money is no object (or a long-lost great aunt leaves you a fortune), you should consider a high-end vehicle for maximum comfort.

Few cars have the styling, versatility, and legacy of the Range Rover. Land Rover’s flagship SUV continues to lead the way, with exceptional performance and top-tier refinement. An exterior to die for, an exterior to kill for, and all-terrain adaptability that won’t quit.

You can get your Range with a diesel, gas, or hybrid engine. The diesel and gas engines are 3.0L six-cylinder motors that are paired with an 8-speed auto transmission. This baby switches gears without even a hint of lag, a testament to the Brits' building quality.

For the first time, the Range Rover also features a plug-in hybrid engine, the P400e. This setup combines a 2.0L petrol engine with a 105kW electric motor.

All spec models feature a permanent All-Wheel Drive powertrain. The car's prowess as an off-roader is on full display here. Land Rover’s patented Terrain Response system will hold your hand if you need assistance on tricky ground. There are loads of other off-road features that come standard or as optional extras.

The interior is a joyous place to be in, with four supple leather seats. You can squeeze a fifth person in the rear middle seat too. The infotainment screen and instrument panel are similar to last year's model, and the seats feature standard heating and cooling. Headroom and legroom are awesome here too. The rear middle backrest also can be collapsed to serve as an armrest with cupholders.

The Range Rover also boasts a considerable trunk. The standard models all feature 24 cubic feet of storage while the hybrid has 21 cubic feet because of the battery. A towing hitch with a capacity of 7,700lbs also comes in handy. It is paired with Tow Hitch Assist, a feature that allows you to see how the tow ball will move ahead of time.

The Range Rover is quite pricey, as you can imagine. It starts at just under $115,000 for the petrol and diesel models. The hybrid begins at just under $125,000…both base prices exclude optional extras and upgrades.

Best armored bug-out vehicle: GMC Sierra Denali

Armor is a useful thing to have in certain disaster scenarios. Bullets and explosives are just some of the problems that a protected vehicle may be able to circumvent.

Inkas is an aftermarket company that upgrades all sorts of vehicles with protective features like armor and bulletproof windows. The company’s armored GMC Sierra Denali is certainly one for the firing line.

The toughened Sierra has body armoring and windows that can withstand ammo from most medium-sized assault rifles. The truck can also resist two DM51 hand-grenades exploding at once in its immediate vicinity. The security features include passenger compartment perimeter protection, reinforced suspension, and multi-layer bullet-resistant glass. The car also has run-flat tires to help you get out of immediate danger.

The truck runs on a 5.3L V8, and it boasts 355 horsepower and 383 ft-lbs. of torque. The beefed-up suspension stiffens the ride a little bit, but the armored Sierra is still quite comfortable. The interior is not much different from that of the standard Sierra Denali, although it is much more shielded. The electronics are also shielded from most radio jamming attacks.

With an impressively sized bedpan, the Denali truck offers plenty of storage space. The rear tailgate can double as a workstation as well. Towing capacity is nearly 10,000lbs, which is nice.

The car has your standard infotainment features.  Comfy leather seats with exceptional space for your head and legs. The steering feels very macho, while the 8-speed auto gearbox effortlessly amps up the revs.


Best military bug out vehicle: Paramount Matador

Military-style vehicles are built for rugged emergency scenarios, so it makes sense why preppers give them a quick look.

We’ve already discussed Paramount Group’s Marauder, but have you heard of its bigger and meaner sister? Yep, they have a bigger one…and it’s known as the Matador.

This giant military truck is designed to carry a crew of 14 people. Like the Marauder, the Matador can also be purchased by private citizens, although some red tape might have to be worked through at your local DMV.

The truck features a double-skin monocoque hull that can withstand the highest level of military ballistic testing. The hull can also survive the highest capacity anti-tank landmines, which will give you full confidence as you squash your way to freedom in your 23,000lb, Matador.

You can get the Matador with a 4x4 or 6x6 wheeled drivetrain. Handling isn’t the greatest, but that can be expected. The Cummins engine package also comes with a 6-speed auto transmission. The optional MAN engine has a 12-speed semi-automatic transmission. The top speed for both engine trims is in the 60-75 mph region. It won't be winning many drag races, but it may win the race for survival.

With a cargo payload of over 13,000lbs, the Matador is packing some serious storage space. Towing information is unavailable but you can believe that the 296 horsepower Cummins Diesel engine can hold its own in that department. The Matador can also be fitted with weapons, although the legality of that would be an issue.

Repurposed military vehicles offer ready-made adaptation to rough and unpredictable situations. Military vehicles, such as the Matador, have great passenger protection, as well as advanced communication systems such as satellite and radio.

Best gray man bug out vehicle: Volkswagen Golf

No one knows the gray man. To society at large, he (or she) doesn’t exist.

Basically, a gray man is an NPC. A background character. They don’t stand out in any way and, therefore, no one looks twice at them. Obviously, you do not want to be a gray man in this “Like” fueled popularity contest called life.

But in a bug-out situation? Being a gray man could save your life. However, gray men need to get to their destinations…so what sort of vehicle is discreet enough?

It has to be a basic, and common vehicle. Bugging out in a Lamborghini SUV is definitely opposite to what a gray man needs, so steer clear from anything flashy. Even a bug out RV can stick out like a sore thumb in the wrong neck of the woods.

With that in mind, you could consider something like the 2021 Volkswagen Golf. While mostly just a facelift on the 2020 version, the new Golf is quite a looker. However, these things are EVERYWHERE, so yours will just blend into the background as you escape.

The Golf has a 1.4L Turbo engine that is famed for its economy. It will do 29mpg in the city and 39mpg on the highway. You can choose between an 8-speed automatic and a 6-speed manual transmission.

The inside is very nice, with a sports car feel when you’re sat behind the wheel. Every control switch or button is within the driver’s reach, and you never have to take your eye off the road. The V-Tex leatherette seats offer ample support. The front seats are also heated, which is neat.

Storage is decent as well for a hatchback. You can fold the rear seats for additional cargo space. Towing is not recommended for the Golf, unfortunately.

Hatchbacks or vans are some of the more non-descript vehicles that any would-be gray man should be targeting. Make sure to get your car in a plain gray or silver to really dull it up.

Best off-road bug out vehicle: Maverick X3 X DS Turbo RR

One thing you should consider before getting a bug-out ride is the fact that you might have to spend a significant amount of time off-road. Major roads may become blocked off by law enforcement, or they may become hotspots for carjacking and looting.

One of the coolest off-road choices is a Utility Task Vehicle (UTV), or side-by-side. We recommend Can-Am’s Maverick X3 X DS Turbo RR. This two-seater doom buggy is fast, furious, and loaded with features.

The RR has 195 horsepower, which is plenty for a racing UTV. This power is produced by a 900cc Rotax Advanced Combustion Efficiency (ACE) motor with an intercooler. It has a double A-arm front suspension and torsional trailing-arm X rear suspension.

All in all, the Maverick weighs about 1,501lbs, has a 102-inch wheelbase, and has a 14-inch ground clearance. It features a LinQ rack that can support 200lbs of stuff and 2.5 gallons of overall storage space.

The price is steep at just over $25,000 and you can upgrade to the four-seater X3 Max X DS Turbo RR.

Best off-grid bug out vehicle: Renegade X XC

Living completely off the grid requires a set of wheels that can traverse different terrains while being relatively easy to fix. A lot of modern vehicles are so advanced that owners are entirely dependent on manufacturers or expert service centers.

An ATV could be the ideal off-grid vehicle. With less fuel consumption than a car, and better off-road agility than most pickups and SUVs, these machines are perfect for quick supply runs and evasive maneuvers.

One of the best ATVs money can buy is the 1000R from Can-Am’s Renegade X XC series. This baby rocks a 1000cc engine that dishes out 91 ponies. You can choose between a two-wheel or four-wheel powertrain. The ATV also has Can-Am’s own Visco 4-lock front differential.

Handling is taken care of by a double A-arm suspension in the front and a torsional independent rear suspension. You also get Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering and 15-inch ITP tires.

The 1000R weighs in at 710lbs and has a 51-inch wheelbase. The seat is 34.5 inches off the ground and you also get a ground clearance of 10.5 inches. Storage is minimal, and you only have a 35lb capacity storage rack. You can also attach a small ATV trailer.

A bug out ATV would be a perfect off-grid ride, especially if you have a dedicated bug-out shelter or home. They are also good auxiliary vehicles if you have a big truck or cargo trailer that can hold them.

Best zombie apocalypse bug-out vehicle: Vista 355 Coupe OB

Thanks to Hollywood, zombie outbreaks have been a common irrational fear in pop culture. So, for the fun of it (or if we ever do have a zombie apocalypse), we’ve chosen a special vehicle for such an occurrence.

A boat.

That’s right. Whether it’s the walkers from The Walking Dead or the living dead from Game of Thrones, we have established one thing…zombies don’t swim. That makes a boat the most logical choice.

A cabin cruiser is a smart pick. These are like RVs on wheels, and perfect for coastline survival. Four Winns is one of the biggest boat manufacturers around and their star cabin cruiser, the Vista 355 Coupe OB, is an excellent pick for surviving a zombie outbreak.

The boat is 37 feet long and weighs 16000lbs. It comes with a twin Yamaha F300 UCA engine that produces 700 horsepower. It has all the bells, whistles, and space that a couple could use to wait out a crisis, or head to a remote island.

Options abound, and you can choose between an outboard layout or a sterndrive option that affords you a rear swimming platform. Either configuration allows for easy access to the boat from any dock. You can also opt for non-slip marine matte floor surfacing.

The outboard has better storage than the sterndrive with a storage compartment under the aft bench. You also get a day hatch, as well as several kitchen cabinets and handy stowage compartments.

Amenities include a small kitchenette, with a countertop that hides your cooker and sink. You even have a refrigerator, freezer, and an outdoor grill!

The boat’s cabin is very spacious and well-lit.  The rear glass door can be fully opened or closed for an indoor/outdoor feel. You get a very lush lounge space for ultimate relaxation. The windows run right around the cabin, and you have skylights for maximum natural light. Prepare for crazy views as you watch the world burn from safety.

The helm station is very luxurious, with twin Simrad information monitors. Stainless steel switches accentuate a pristine leather dashboard. The leather captain’s seat can be lowered and lengthened. Everything feels very well made and solid.

You also get a very nice mid-cabin with twin beds and cool ambient lighting. The aft houses an excellent master suite with a king-size mattress. Also, you get a cool little bathroom with a shower, toilet, and an elegant bowl sink.

This cabin cruiser is simply a masterful work of engineering, with an endless list of features that you just have to check out. Fair warning…MSRP starts at $370,000.

Best Bug Out Vehicles Conclusions

By now it should be clear that there is no outright best bug out vehicle.

However, some are clearly better than others, and you need to fully understand your needs to get the best out of your chosen ride!

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