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Best Premade Bug Out Bag [11 Picks For Emergency Preparedness]

If you can’t put together a survival Bug Out Bag from scratch, follow this guide to decide on the best Premade Bug Out Bag for preppers on the market today!

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What will happen to you and your family if disaster strikes? Will you be among the 59% of Americans with an emergency kit or will you start a helter-skelter rush for provisions and survival gear?

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait and be overwhelmed during a disaster situation. If you can’t invest time to put together a survival bug out bag from scratch, the marketplace spoils you for choice.

You only need to decide on the premade bug out bag that best answers your needs.

The Refora Complete Earthquake Bag is the best premade bug out bag. It has the qualities of completeness, sturdiness, comfort, multi-compartment and you can make your choice according to the number of users. You also get value for your money.

Our entire best premade bug out bags list includes:

Premade bug out bag equiped with survival gear for emergencies and natural disasters.

We’ll tell you what makes each of these premade bug out bags stand out. But what exactly is a premade bug out bag?

A premade bug out bag is a ready-to-go survival backpack that you purchase readymade and which you ‘grab and go’ when your home is no longer safe for you and your family.

You can purchase a premade bug out bag with one of these two options in mind:

  • Buy a readymade bug out bag to serve as your preparedness kit for any SHTF situation, without investing time to make one yourself.
  • Buy a readymade bug out bag that serves as a starting point when preparing a personalized survival kit for specific disaster situations or geographic regions.

In this article, we want to help you be ready for any eventual emergency by guiding you to buying the best premade bug out bag.

Here’s a recap of the info you’ll find in the article:

  • A comprehensive review of 11 best premade bug out bags
  • A guide for choosing the best emergency bug out bag
  • The pros and cons of opting for a premade bug out bag
  • Best bug out bags for disasters FAQs

In a hurry? If you just want to get to our conclusions, here are our top picks and recommendations!

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Best 11 Premade Bug out Bags

If it doesn’t increase your chances of survival and make you feel like you have everything you would have access to in your home, a bug out bag is inadequate and does not deserve your hard-earned bucks.

Since we want you to own a bug out bag that gives you value for your money and ensures your safety should disaster strike, here are our 11 proposals for the best premade survival bags on amazon.

Our Top Premade Bug Out Bag

Complete Earthquake Bag

We are picking this as our ultimate survival kit bug out bag for its completeness and variety.

Completeness: During a disaster situation, you’ll want all your survival needs covered, and the Refora brand Complete Earthquake Bag does exactly that. You have 3-day (72 hours) provisions for the chosen number of persons.

Variety: You can choose the option that suits your situation; from a 1-person kit to a 6-person kit.

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What you get:

  • A sturdy backpack.
  • Food and water (two 3600 Cal food bars, 24 water pouches, 20 water purification tablets, hydration bag w/ straw).
  • Shelter (2 person tube tent, 2 Mylar sleeping bags).
  • First aid kit (107-piece first aid kit).
  • Hygiene supplies (2 hygiene kits, 2 pocket tissue packs, and 2 waste bags).
  • Elements-protection gear (2 emergency ponchos and 2 body warmers).
  • Communication gadgets (radio and phone charger).
  • Lighting tools (hand crank flashlight, matches, 30+ hour candle, and 12-hour bright stick).
  • Survival gear and self-defense tools (50 ft. nylon rope, goggles, 5-in-1 whistle, sewing kit, and gloves).

Complete Earthquake Bag Pros

  • Comprehensive
  • You can choose depending on personal needs/family size.
  • Great for any disaster situation (earthquake, floods, tsunami, wildfire, storms).

Complete Earthquake Bag Cons

  • Quite pricey.

Budget-friendly Premade Bug Out Bag

Ready America 70280 Emergency Kit

Who says no to a product that costs little while offering plenty? Well, the Ready America 70280 is our best preloaded bug out bag that will give all you need in an emergency situation without breaking the bank.

The 72-hour emergency kit has supplies for you and another person during the 3 crucial days after the disaster.

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What you get:

  • A handy ‘Ready America’ branded backpack.
  • 5-year shelf life emergency food & water (two 2,400 Mayday calorie food bars, 12 Mayday emergency drinking water packets with 4.2oz each).
  • 33-piece first aid kit (including emergency drugs, antiseptic, and bandages among others).
  • Emergency supplies (including an emergency blanket, emergency poncho, 12-hour light sticks, nitrile gloves, dust masks, pocket tissues, and an emergency whistle among others).

Ready America 70280 Pros

  • Affordable price.
  • Long shelf-life food and water supplies.
  • Strong backpack.

Ready America 70280 Cons:

  • The first aid pocket kit is tiny.

Best Value Premade Bug Out Bag

Premium Family Emergency Survival Bag/Kit

There can’t be a better 72-hour survival kit for a family than the Premium Family Emergency Kit. Having this kit during an emergency will make you feel like you are home or out for a planned family escapade.

The kit holds everything a 4-member family/group will need for 72 hours and if your family is smaller, you can go for the 2-person essential or comfort options.

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What you get:

  • A large premium backpack.
  • Food and water (24 servings of yummy food, 2 cartons of Acqua Literz water, and 2 water filtering straws).
  • A portable wood stove.
  • Cooking and serving ware (2 pots, 2 bowls, and utensils).
  • Protection from the elements (4 emergency blankets).
  • Lighting tools (a LED lantern, 8 Cyalume snap lights, and Ferrocerium fire starter rod).
  • Complete first aid kit.
  • Hygiene supplies including bath wipes.
  • Other survival gear (including a knife and 4 whistles).

Premium Family Emergency Kit Pros

  • Most complete bug out bag for sale.
  • High-quality contents.
  • Well packaged for comfortable carrying.

Premium Family Emergency Kit Cons

  • Could be cumbersome for a ‘grab and go’ bag.
  • Overlooks communication tools.

Best Pre-made Bug Out Bag With A Guide Book

Emergency Zone 4 Person Urban Survival Bug Out/Go Bag

Not every emergency kit comes with a book that tells you why and how you should prepare for survival in case of any type of disaster, the Emergency Urban Survival kit stands out for that.

The Urban Survival bag is complete for the survival of 4-person for 72 hours.

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What you get:

  • A decent backpack that doesn’t stand out, which makes it a perfect urban Gray Man backpack
  • Food and water (4x3600 kcal food bars, and 24x4.2oz water pouches).
  • Water purification tools (Filter straw, water bottle and folding container, water purification powder, instruction sheet).
  • Shelter (2 tube tents, 4 hand warmers, 4 emergency ponchos, and 4 reflective sleeping bags).
  • First aid kit (118 pieces).
  • Personal hygiene supplies (including soap, toothpaste and brush, shaving cream and blade, tissue paper, etc.).
  • Lighting and communication tools (Dynamo radio flashlight with charger).
  • Other survival tools (multi-tool knife, light sticks, duct tape, can opener, whistle, gloves, and rope).
  • Emergency Guide Book (Prepare for Life).
  • A pack of playing cards.

Emergency Zone Survival Kit Pros

  • Comprehensive survival kit.
  • A survival guide book.

Emergency Zone Survival Kit Cons

  • The straps may give in to the bag’s weight.

Best Tactical Premade Bug Out Bag

EVERLIT Complete Earthquake Bug Out Bag

The EVERLIT bug out bag serves the tactical and general survival purpose at the same time. It’s also fit for any type of disaster including floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes. You’ll find supplies for 2 people for 72 hours.

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What you get:

  • A multi-functional tactical military-grade backpack.
  • Food and water (2 x 3600 calorie emergency food bars, 4 x 125ml packs of emergency drinking water, and water purification tablets for up to 23 liters of water).
  • 200-piece first aid kit with combat tourniquet.
  • Protection from the elements (emergency shelter, thermal blanket, and emergency poncho)
  • Communication tools (3 in 1 hand crank flashlight with radio and phone charger, and glow sticks).
  • Survival tool kit (including multi-tool pliers, tac knife, 100ft paracord, goggles, gloves, fire starter, compass, whistle, and wire saw).

EVERLIT Bug Out Bag Pros

  • Comprehensive
  • Tactical gear and general survival supplies together.
  • Strong military backpack.

EVERLIT Bug Out Bag Cons

  • None

Best Premade Bug Out Bag Starter Pack

Echo-Sigma 9005643 Emergency Bug out Bag

This bug out bag by Echo-Sigma Emergency Systems provides a perfect starter bug out bag, true to the manufacturer’s intent.

The emergency kit leaves out all the extras and offers the essentials that any ordinary person would want to have in an emergency bag, which means you can personalize by adding what best responds to your survival needs.

Any echo sigma bug out bag review confirms that you don’t have to be a professional or trained prepper to use the contents of the Echo-Sigma kit.

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What you get:

  • A high-quality backpack.
  • Food and water (Echo-Sigma 7-day provision pack and 2.5L hydration bladder drinking system).
  • First aid kit.
  • Shelter (Coghlan's emergency tube tent, emergency poncho, thermal sleeping bag, and 2 hand warmers).
  • Communication tools (multi-power radio, Plexiglass mirror to signal for help).
  • Lighting tools (tactical LED flashlight with 6 AA Alkaline batteries).
  • Other survival gear (including 1 N95 mask, protective goggles, gloves, multi-tool pliers, and 50ft paracord).

Echo-Sigma Bug out Bag Pros

  • Extra-food ration (for 7 days).
  • High-quality backpack.

Echo-Sigma Bug out Bag Pros

  • Quite pricey.

Best Premade Bug Out Bag For Advanced Preppers

Prep Store Elite Emergency Pack

This emergency survival pack is an advanced elite kit that gives you a lot more survival gear than you would find in ordinary survival kits. At the same time, the kit leaves room to decide for personal tastes in essentials like water and food.

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What you get:

  • A 66L sturdy nylon backpack.
  • Water purification and storage tools (water filter straw, water filter bottle, 1500-gallon water pump filter, 2-gallon water container, and 2.5L water bladder).
  • Fire and cooking set (Ferrocerium rod, folding silverware, hatchet and skinning knife, machete, sharpening stone, and hand chain saw).
  • Shelter and bedding (1-person tent, a camping mat, 3-season sleeping bag, large-size mosquito net, and a poncho).
  • First aid kit (including safety mask and leather gloves).
  • Power, lighting, and communication tools: (Power bank lantern with an emergency beacon, solar flashlight, folding solar charger, 3 in 1 solar fan, two-way ham radio).
  • Tactical gear (including paracord, duct tape, compass, mini shovel, sharpening stone, and hand chain saw.
  • Survival guide book.

Prep Store Elite Emergency Pack Pros

  • Perfect for bugging out in the wild.
  • Advanced survival gear.
  • Survival guide book.

Prep Store Elite Emergency Pack Cons

  • Quite pricey.
  • Cumbersome for a ‘grab and go’ bag.
  • Lacks essentials like food and water rations.

Best Convenience Pack Premade Bug Out Bag

First My Family All-in-One Premium Disaster Preparedness Survival Kit

This is another of the survival kits that are made with family-survival in mind. The ‘First My Family’ kit is an essential yet complete version of a disaster preparedness kit that has provisions for 4 persons for the recommended 3 days.

The contents are housed in two average size bags for convenient carrying and organization.

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What you get:

  • 2 premium sturdy backpacks.
  • Food and water (1 x 2400-calorie food ration and 72-hour emergency water supply).
  • Shelter (emergency Mylar space blanket and a poncho).
  • First aid kit (including bandages, alcohol pads, scissors, tweezers, and first-aid guide).
  • Communication tools (200-hour LED flashlight and 12-hour glow sticks).
  • Protection from the elements (24-hour body warmer, leather gloves, and facial mask).
  • Other survival gear (outdoor multi-tool, 5-1 whistle with signal mirror, compass, flint, and storage container).

First My Family Survival Kit Pros

  • 2 packs for convenient carrying.
  • Room to add personal survival items.

First My Family Survival Kit Cons

  • May not serve the 4-person survival as indicated.

Best Premade Bug Out Bag Essentials Pack

Wise 5-Day Survival Backpack

The Wise 5-day pack has 38 essential items for a single person’s disaster survival. Its average weight makes it a good carry for a 72 hour get home bag. You may, however, need to top up on the contents to suit your survival needs.

No products found.

What you get:

  • A sturdy backpack.
  • Food and water (38 food rations and 6 water pouches).
  • First aid kit.
  • Lighting tool (squeeze flashlight).
  • Protection from the elements (Mylar blanket and a poncho).
  • Other survival tools (including a whistle, facial mask, heating stainless steel cup, and squeeze flashlight).
  • Entertainment (a deck of playing cards).

Wise 5-Day Survival Backpack Pros

  • High-quality backpack.
  • Lighter than other stuffed bug out bags.
  • Additional room for extra supplies.

Wise 5-Day Survival Backpack Cons

  • May require a few more items to be complete.

Best Heavy-Duty Premade Bug Out Bag

Uncharted Supply Emergency Survival Backpack

This survival pack is a heavy-duty design because of the sturdy waterproof 600 denier tarpaulin that makes it, multi-storage compartments, and the variety of survival gear that it carries.

The straps of the trendy-looking 50L backpack are sturdy and the design has an extremely comfortable carry.

Last update on 2024-07-13 / Affiliate Links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

What you get:

  • A trendy and sturdy backpack.
  • Food and water filtration supplies (1 x 2400-calorie food ration, mini water filtration system, 1.9L squeeze water filtration system, and water bottle).
  • 20-piece first aid kit and sunscreen.
  • Protection from the elements (thermal tent, thermal blanket, 2 packs of hand and foot warmers, and a beanie)
  • Communication and lighting tools (including a LED waterproof flashlight, 3 in 1 radio with USB charger and phone, and glow sticks).
  • Other survival gear (waterproof matches, flashlight, 2 large splints, fire starter, survival multi-tool, duct tape, rubber gloves, filtration mask, goggles, foldable pickaxe/shovel, and paracord).

Uncharted Supply Emergency Survival Backpack Pros

  • Thick waterproof fabric backpack.
  • Sturdy straps for the heavy contents.
  • Multi-compartment organization.

Uncharted Supply Emergency Survival Backpack Cons

  • You have to dig a little deeper into the pocket.

Best Custom Made Bug Out Bag

Personalized READY TO GO SURVIVAL Bug out Bag

While you might save time and energy purchasing a premade survival bug out bag, you can also opt to do the same while giving your emergency kit a personalized touch without compromising quality.

Doing so has the advantage of eliminating any extra items that you might find in an ordinary premade bag but which you do not need.

Our example is the personalized survival kit from the READY TO GO SURVIVAL personalized survival kit service. You can get one by following this process:

  • Fill a 3-minute survival assessment questionnaire.
  • Wait for the disaster preparedness specialists to get back to you with a survival kit outline tailored to your needs (they put into account your survival needs, age, and location among other factors).
  • Check if the kit meets your expectations and report back to the specialists.
  • Receive your personalized survival kit right at your door and at a discounted price.

Personalized Premade Bug out Bag Pros

  • You get the survival items of your choice.
  • You eliminate any surplus supplies.

Personalized Premade Bug out Bag Cons

  • You could miss out on an item whose function you don’t know until you see it.

Did you know that 41% of Americans are not prepared and equipped in case of an emergency or natural disaster? Don't be one of them and start prepping today!

With the list of best premade bug out bag complete, you might want to know how to make an optimum choice out of the best options.

Our guide to choosing the best bug out bag with sort you out.

Guide to Choosing the Best Premade Bug out Bag

To increase your chances of survival for you and your family during a disaster, the best bug out bag must meet certain qualities.

Below are the 6 essential qualities of premade bug out bags:

  1. Complete bug out bag: it covers all essential survival gear a prepper might need
  2. Good survival backpack: the bag out bag itself is made out of high quality materials
  3. Comfortable and spacious "go bag" design: on top of being made from good materials, the premade bug out bag should be easy to carry and able to fit all your survival gear
  4. Loaded for "grab and go" emergencies: the emergency bug out bag should never be too heavy to carry
  5. Bug out supplies for 72 hour survival: your premade bug out bag should cover your survival needs for at least 72 hours
  6. Affordable yet valuable: a good premade bug out bag should not put you at financial risk, but should still offer you the survival essentials

Let's dive into more details and explain each of these bug out bag qualities when buying a premade emergency bag.
A fully loaded survival backpack

1. Complete bug out bag

Any premade bug out bag that is meant to increase your chances of survival during a disaster situation (such as an Earthquake or Tsunami) must have provisions that meet your survival needs in the following areas:

  • Food and water: At least 72-hour rations for every person. It should have a long shelf-life of at least 5 years.
  • Medical supplies: A first aid kit with what you need to treat injuries, pain, bacterial infections as well as any preexisting conditions.
  • Personal hygiene items: Including soap, toothpaste, bath wipes, sanitary pads among others.
  • Communication and lighting tools and gadgets: Including fire starters, hand-crank radio, flashlights, glow sticks, waterproof matches among others.
  • Shelter, beddings, and protection from the elements: Including tube tents, sleeping bags, hand and foot warmers, and poncho.
  • Other survival gear: Including gloves, goggles, filtration mask, survival knife, multi-tool knife/pliers, paracord, etc.
  • Extra space: For personalized survival items including copies of crucial family documents, a change of clothing, and baby and pet supplies if applicable.

Read our complete Bug Out Bag Gear List for an idea of what your perfect premade bug out bag should contain.

2. Good survival backpack

A premade bug out bag will probably be sitting at a corner in your home, office, or car for years, ready for ‘grab and go’ when disaster strikes.

As such, the containing survival bag should be made of high-quality waterproof and long-lasting material. Nylon, polyester, and canvas are common options.

You also don’t want a bag that gives in to weight when you are running up a hill trying to escape from an impending tsunami (perish the thought!).

Your bug out bag should be sturdy enough to withstand heavy handling and the weight of the contents when you are on the go. It should be reinforced with double stitching and be fitted with high-quality zippers and straps.

3. Comfortable and spacious "go bag" design

Who wants to be carrying an uncomfortable bag while running across the city to find safety during economic unrest? Not any serious survivalist.

Hence, your bug out bag should be comfortable to carry, which means padded shoulder straps and a breathable back panel.

Also, ensure your bug out bag has multiple compartments for organizing the different types of gear and provisions separately. Doing so allows easier and faster reach when you need to use the supplies.

A bug out bag with survival gear

4. Loaded for "grab and go" emergencies

When ordering a bug out bag, it’s important to remember that it is meant for emergencies. That means you’ll probably be rushing or even running to get out of the danger zone. In such a situation, a bug out bag that is almost impossible to lift won’t serve its survival purpose.

So how heavy should a bug out bag be? Experts suggest that you should always seek to carry lighter loads and when you have to push it a little, your bag should have a maximum of 15% of your body weight. So, if you weigh 200lb, your bug out bag should not weigh more than 30lb.

5. Bug out supplies for 72 hour survival

If you are prepping for a family of four, a single person bug out bag will not do. This is especially true when considering survival essentials like food and water.

While most premade bug out bags are designed for single or two users, there are also amazon disaster preparedness kits meant for more people. Consider our top pick, the Refora Complete Earthquake Bag which allows you to choose from a variety of 1-person to 6-person bag out bags. 

Remember that the rule of thumb is to have supplies for the crucial 72 hours (3 days) after the disaster. You can also consider having provisions for up to 5 or 7 days to be on the safer side. That’s if your bug out bag weight allows it.

If you are prepping for a family with children, purchasing a kit with a larger capacity than the size of your family (say a 4 person bug out bag for a family of 3) will put you on the safer side for children’s needs. Alternatively, you can purchase a smaller pack for each child so you don’t have to carry the entire load.

Here's a handy video showing you how to properly pack and organize survival gear and how to distribute the load in a backpack.

6. Affordable yet valuable

Even though it is probably the first factor you will weigh when considering a premade bag out bag, we put affordability as the last quality because it should not make you compromise the worth of your survival gear and supplies.

A lot of manufacturers seek to provide high-quality BOB items which leads to an inflated price. But you can still find an amazon disaster preparedness kit for less than 100 bucks.

The bottom line here is to find survival gear and provisions that will meet your needs during the crucial 72 hours of a disaster without breaking the bank.

The Pros and Cons of a Premade Bug out Bag (and How to Create a Balance)

Every good thing has a downside, and that is perfectly alright. So, while your premade bug out bag will save you the hassle of putting together one yourself, opting for one will also come with some downsides.

We compare the pros and cons of opting for a premade bug out bag and then tell you how to find the middle ground.

Benefits Of A Premade Bug Out Bag

Essentials are covered:

Manufacturers of premade bug out bags want their products to sell. This marketing principle ensures that essential survival needs are covered in the ready-to-go survival backpack.

As a buyer, this means that you do not have to spend time researching what should be on the list of contents for your best emergency go bag as would be the case if you had to build it yourself.

There’s an expert behind your bug out bag:

To ensure their premade bug out bags sell, manufacturers involve experts to put them together. That means you can trust their professional expertise without needing to worry about bogus survival gear and supplies.

Especially if you are not an experienced prepper, putting together a bug out bag on your own could leave out essential survival gear and supplies and so compromise your chances for survival when disaster eventually strikes.

It saves you time:

A premade bug out bag is simply ordered for delivery or picked off the shop shelf. As such, you don’t have to spend time shopping for each item and packing everything in the bag.

Two hikers bugging out in case of an urban survival scenario

Downsides Of A Premade Bug Out Bag

The one-size-fits-all rule:

Buying a premade bug out bag puts you on the same scale with everyone else regardless of your personal survival needs. You get what you get like everyone buying the same bag, which cancels out the possibility of choosing each item in your bag.

Paying for superfluous items:

Buying a premade bug out bag can mean paying more money for things you do not need. For example, why pay for a deck of playing cards if the bug out bag is only meant for you and you are not sure you’ll find people to play with during the disaster period?

One-time expense:

When you order a bug out bag, you have to pay the entire amount to have it delivered to you. That may mean waiting to purchase it until you have the full amount and that at the expense of being exposed to danger without your survival bag.

Building your own emergency kit can be done in a couple of months by buying a few items at a time and starting with the most crucial, just as long as the task is not put off forever.

While premade bags have these pros and cons, you can opt to balance them by going for a middle-ground option.

The middle-ground option for the best bug out bag

To take advantage of the pros of buying a readymade bug out bag (have basic essentials, save time, and get a professional option) and eliminate the cons (one-size-fits-all, surplus items, and one-time expense), you can go for the middle way by doing one of the following:

  • Combine the professional expertise with your personal preferences by buying a basic premade bug out bag and adding items that meet your personal survival needs.
  • Opting for a personalized premade bug out bag by working with a professional who studies your survival needs, makes you a proposal for your best-fit bug out bag and incorporates your preferences after you review their offer. See the Personalized READY TO GO SURVIVAL Bug out Bag suggested earlier.

Emergency Bug Out Bag FAQs

If you’ve read the article to this point, you have a whole range of knowledge on what the best bug out bag is and the qualities it should have.

We complete your baggage of knowledge on the best premade bug out bag with 3 related frequently asked questions.

Do I really need a bug out bag?

Yes, you do! A bug out bag is your ticket to survival when disaster strikes and your home is no longer safe.

To take an extreme situation, a person that has high blood pressure and needs their medication every day could risk their life if they had to leave their home without managing to pick their meds.

Having them in the bug out bag would save their life. Besides, who doesn’t need food and water even when away from their home owing to a disaster? These two are basic items in a bug out bag.

Contents of an emergency disaster survival kit: water, first aid kit, backpack, fire starters, food

Where should I keep my bug out bag?

Keep your bug out bag in a place where you can easily grab it as you run to safety when disaster strikes. That could mean a corner next to the exit door of your house or office or the trunk of your car.

Just make sure your bag is not at the notice of everyone. You don’t want them picking it to save themselves when you have taken the trouble to be ready for disaster and increase your chances of survival.

Are premade bug out bags cheaper than making one yourself?

Yes! Premade bug out bags are cheaper. To give you an example, I went for one of the best-selling backpacks on amazon that was going for $44.95 and an amazon-choice poncho listed for 11.98.

One of our cheapest premade bug out bags reviewed earlier is the Ready America 70280 Emergency Kit. You get the ready America backpack and a poncho plus all the other stuff for a discounted price of $38.35 at the time of writing this article which is lower than the price of the two items by $18.58.

Please note that the prices used are to exemplify the differences. Prices fluctuate constantly, so check with your preferred retailer for the latest price.

Best Premade Bug Out Bag Final Thoughts

Not everyone has the time and patience to put together an emergency survival kit. But that does not mean they do not need to have one. A premade bug out bag is an optimal option in such cases. Here’s why:

  • You can explore all the options in the market and go for the best premade bug out bag; one that responds to your survival needs.
  • You save time and money: you don’t have to go around purchasing every item to include in your bug out bag and you pay less buying a readymade one.
  • Building your own bug out bag can take time as you have to research what should be on the list and purchase each of the items. Instead, once you order a premade bug out bag, it’s delivered at your doorstep or you can pick one from the shelf and you are all set for any eventual disaster situation.

When purchasing a premade bug out bag, ensure that it has all you need to survive and that you can comfortably carry it during a disaster situation.

Get one right now…You don’t know when disaster can strike, so the earlier you are ready, the better.

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