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8 Best Ford Bug Out Vehicles For Preppers

If you're looking for a bug out car, Ford offers some great choices. In this article we explore why Fords are good vehicles for bugging out, what to look for when buying one and of course, what are the best Ford models for a BOV.

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When SHTF, to get to your bug out location you will need a bug out vehicle. A BOV will be essential for mobility, shelter, and storage. However, not all vehicles are good bug out vehicles.

Luckily, Ford is one of the most preferred and popular bug out car brands out there. You will need a vehicle that can serve you well and as such, several Ford models are an excellent choice.

The list of best Ford bug out vehicles includes:

Is a Ford a good bug out vehicle?

Ford has been one of the most popular brands of vehicles over the last century. Everyone knows someone who owns a Ford vehicle. However, one question still abounds in most enthusiasts' minds, is it a good bug out vehicle?

Before we can answer this question, we need to look at what makes a good bug out vehicle. Well, here are a few essential elements of a bug out vehicle:

  • Low maintenance- Having a low maintenance vehicle is essential since when it breaks down, you can fix it yourself or find someone with enough experience to lend a hand. This also suggests that it has readily available spare parts.
  • Fuel efficient- You need a vehicle with good gas mileage in the event you need to go out over some longer distance without stopping at fuel stations.
  • Space-A good bug out vehicle will have an abundance of space. Even if you are alone, you never know how the extra space may come in handy for. You may need the extra space to pick up any additional supplies.
  • Speed- You won't be entering the Grand Prix with a bug out vehicle, but it mustn't be slow. A vehicle that is efficient at crossing various terrain and can carry big loads but is a turtle on the road isn't a good choice.
  • All-terrain- No matter what you are preparing for, there's a chance you will need to drive off-road through all sorts of different terrain and various types of weather. It should come as no surprise that you need a bug out vehicle that can traverse different terrain environments.
  • Noise- Vehicles that can easily be heard from miles away through thickets of trees aren't a good choice. Anyone in a 5-mile radius will be able to find your bug out location easily. They'll be able to hear when you leave and can raid your supplies. A good bug out vehicle will be more inconspicuous so that you are a bit more covert and off-grid.

Now, back to our main question, is Ford a good bug out vehicle? Well, the good news is that it is! Ford ticks all the above boxes and is, therefore, a good choice of a bug out vehicle.

It has got the power, space, and functionality of a bug out vehicle. It is good for all terrains, is affordable, has great speed, and is fuel-efficient. In addition to all this, it is low maintenance which makes it a logical choice!

Best Ford bug out vehicles

As we have already determined, Ford is a great choice for a bug out vehicle. In this section, we will give you our top picks for the best Ford bug out vehicles.

Ford Escape bug out vehicle

The Ford Escape is a beautiful vehicle for a majority of people due to its size and features. It has one of the highest predicted reliability ratings among compact SUVs. It can seat five people at a time and has above-average cargo space. This provides enough space for a family bug out trip and can allow you space for all your bug out supplies.

The first generation came out in 2000. In 2013 however, Ford made a complete redesign that revolutionized it as a reliable SUV. It has a more powerful engine, and with careful handling and maintenance, it can last for a long time.

Since you will probably go off-roading, be sure to get the 4x4 model. As a crossover, it has the clearance and traction essential for driving in gravel, snow, and grass, and it can withstand all weather.

The Ford Escape is also fuel-efficient and can attain fuel mileage rates of lower than 30MPG on average, which is desirable. The space in the trunk is enough and you can customize it however you like to carry your supplies.

In terms of speed, this vehicle will not let you down no matter what kind of terrain you are going through. What’s even better is that it’s quite affordable, clocking at about $25,000.

All in all, the Ford Escape is an outstanding choice for a bug out vehicle!

Ford Excursion bug out vehicle

Being the biggest and heaviest SUV in production, the Ford Excursion is the true definition of a heavy-duty bug out vehicle. It is one of the most popular SUVs, owing to its toughness and largeness that is unrivaled.

It has outstanding interior roominess, and it can fit eight or nine passengers at a time. The cargo area is also a major highlight in this bug out vehicle. The rear seats are removable, and the 2nd row can fold down flat to give you extra space in the back so that you can haul a lot of cargo. This is particularly one of the reasons that make it an amazing bug out vehicle.

It has a low fuel rating at 25MPG and you can expect to spend an average amount on fuel with this bad boy. There are various models to choose from, the latest one being the new 2020 model.

The Ford excursion is reliable and very durable, so there is no need to worry about maintenance costs. This vehicle performs exceptionally well off-road, which is one reason why it's so popular. Its off-road capabilities are simply amazing. It can traverse several terrains at an acceptable speed of above average. It's also quite affordable. So why not try it out for your bug out trip?

Ford Ranger bug out vehicle

The Ford Ranger is a good bug out truck in all sense of the word. It has a powerful engine, gets good gas mileage, and handles well. Its towing and hauling capabilities are nothing short of impressive. It has adequate space and can comfortably carry two people.

It also has an extended cab that can carry four people, though it should be mentioned that the rear two jump seats aren't that comfortable. It has a camper shell that can house a 6-foot bed to sleep in and still have enough room for storing supplies. You can get it with a 4x4 and a 4-cylinder/V-6 engine.

As an off-roader, this pickup might seem somewhat bland. But the good news is that it comes with several packages that offer off-road capabilities such as off-road-tuned suspension, beefier tires, crawl control, terrain management system, and skid plates.

You can add the FX2, FX4, or Tremor package to get the best off-roading capabilities. It is, therefore, a good choice of a bug out vehicle for several terrains, and it can perform optimally in any weather.

It also has amazing gas mileage at 24MPG. In terms of speed, this bug out vehicle doesn’t disappoint. It is also affordable so why not give this beast a try?

Ford Explorer bug out vehicle

There are several mods of the Ford Explorer, all of which are amazing bug out vehicles. The most recent one is the 2021 Ford Explorer.

In terms of space, the Ford Explorer can seat seven passengers over three rows of seating. Many SUVs cannot compare to this Ford's cargo capacity. It has a second and third row of seating that are foldable to provide additional cargo space. For a midsize SUV, it gets above-average fuel economy ratings at 21MPG, which makes it extremely fuel-efficient.

It is designed to handle off-road stress and can perform well in all terrains. It handles well and has a sharp steering wheel that helps it feel a bit more athletic than many class rivals. It is a comfortable ride for the most part, though its softer suspension means you'll experience some body movements on rough terrains.

The Explorer has 3 engine options: a 300 horsepower turbocharged 4-cylinder base engine and 2 twin-turbocharged V6s that put out 365 and 400 horsepower, respectively. This makes it a powerful bug out vehicle. Ford also makes a hybrid version of the Explorer.

In terms of speed, it performs above average so you need not worry about this. Another perk is that it doesn’t produce so much noise.

Ford Raptor bug out vehicle

The Ford Raptor is unique in the World of trucks, which also makes it a unique bug out vehicle. It’s a great pickup truck, which feels at home in any type of road or conditions, either tarmac or off road. The Raptor is the highest performance version of the Ford F-150 and the Ford Ranger.

This bug out vehicle is optimized for off-road driving and is fitted with four-wheel drive as a piece of standard equipment, all-terrain tires, and a mid-travel suspension system. It is fuel-efficient with a gas mileage of about 20MPG. This model is equipped with the most powerful set of engines available in the F-150 and Ranger lines.

The Ford Raptor has a roomy cabin and you need not worry about cargo space for hauling your supplies.

Under the hood, this bug out vehicle has a 3.5L V6 engine. This doesn't sound overly impressive as many people have come to prefer V8 or even V10 from power pickup trucks. Still, this V6 offers great acceleration. It's not cheap, as a new Raptor can go for about $57,000 on the market, but it's a fair price for such a high-performance truck.

Ford F150 bug out vehicle

The Ford F150 is an outstanding full-size pickup truck. It has a diverse variety of potent powertrains, including the V6, V8, diesel engine options, and a hybrid. None of its competitors can tow or haul as much as it can. It is one of the best and most popular trucks.

It is quite affordable at $28,000 and it has an incredibly high-reliability rating. Inside, the cabin is well crafted with spacious seats. It has a great fuel efficiency rating with gas mileage of 24MPG.

Although it's a large vehicle, it's fairly easy to drive. It has an amazing steering feel and not as much of a body lean. In terms of speed, this bug out vehicle performs well even in rough terrains.

In terms of off-roading, then the standard F150 isn't that bad of choice. If you choose a basic F150, you will have to get the four-wheel-drive package to get a good off-roading experience.

In terms of space, then you couldn’t possibly hope for better. The F150 can sit up to five people and has sufficient cargo room to haul all your supplies on a bug out trip.

Ford Expedition bug out vehicle

The Ford Expedition is an exceptional large SUV and its performance score is among the best in the class. It has a twin-turbo V6 engine that holds its own against rival V8 engines. It also has composed handling for a vehicle its size.

It is available as a two or three-row-seater SUV. It offers spacious seating and roomy cargo hold. So you need not worry about space with this bug out vehicle.

With lots of features, spacious seating and cargo room, a powerful engine, the Expedition ticks off most of the boxes preppers look for in a large SUV. Its twin-turbo engine delivers enough power for swift acceleration, as well as power for towing and hauling.

It is fuel-efficient with a gas mileage of 23MPG. It is a good off-roading choice. Its ground clearance is 9.8 inches. There's an FX4 Off-Road package that has equipment like off-road-tuned shocks, skid plates, and a limited-slip differential.

Ford Bronco bug out vehicle

The Ford Bronco is an awesome pick if you are looking for a compact SUV with genuine off-road credentials. This bug out vehicle can withstand a surprising amount of abuse on rough terrain. This is thanks to its standard all-wheel-drive system, multiple skid plates, and hardy suspension.

It has sufficient cargo space for a compact SUV with plenty of room for stowing supplies. It is a two-row SUV with five seats. It has an estimated EPA of 25MPG which isn’t so bad for a bulky SUV such as this one. It has refined driving dynamics which makes it a good prepper bug out vehicle.

If you're convinced that a Ford is your choice for a bug out car, why not check out the official Ford website and see newest models available.


How to prepare your Ford for bugging out

In this section, we will have a look at how you can prepare your Ford for bugging out. Selecting your Ford bug out vehicle is only half of the job. The thing is that you never know when SHTF. That’s why it’s important to prepare your Ford for bugging out.

Regular maintenance of your Ford is essential if you are to prepare it for bugging out. Here are a few tips that can help you with regards to this:

  • Your gas tank should be full. Never let it be below half full.
  • Carry out oil, fluid, and filter changes regularly.
  • Always make sure that your tires are in mint condition. Check for tire pressure and rotation.

It would help if you also got the essentials for your bug out vehicle. Of extreme importance is the medical kit. Other things you may require include fire extinguishers, traction ladders, spare tire with the right pressure, folding shovel, lubricant, basic tool kit, jumper wires, sealant for your tires, tow cable, coolant, fan belts, fuses, a portable air compressor, a can with extra fuel, among others.

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In addition to all this, you’ll have to stock your Ford for bugging out. Food, water, fire-starter kit, survival knives, paracord, spare phone chargers, maps, weather resistant clothing, and camping gear are a must have.

All of these can sit nicely in a Bug Out Bag that you can carry with you, in case you're forced to abandon your bug out car.

You’ll also need some accessories to optimize your rig’s functionality and safety. These include run-flat tires, ham radio, roof racks and side pontoons for additional cargo, lighting kits, extended range gas tanks, grille guards, and security tint film to keep out thieves.

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With that, your Ford will be ready for bugging out.

Of course, if you want a full breakdown of survival gear to carry in your bug out car, check out our comprehensive lists for bug out vehicles.

Ford Bug Out Vehicles Conclusions

All in all, Ford seems like an amazing choice for a bug out vehicle.

So why not visit your local dealership, ask more about any of the above mods that may have caught your attention and cop yourself one of these bad boys.

You certainly won't regret your choice of a Ford bug out vehicle!

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