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8 Best Non-Lethal Home Defense Tools for Bugging In

In this article we’ll discuss 8 of the best non-lethal home defense tools when bugging in and give you tips when buying and using them for self-defense.

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So you’ve been prepping for an eventual SHTF situation and have stocked your home with food, water, and all the other survival gear that you’ll need for a bug in? Kudos! You are ahead of most 21st century citizens.

But could you be forgetting an essential bug in tool? Are you ready to defend yourself and anyone that will be bugging in with you with a non-lethal home defense tool?

The best non lethal weapon for home defense is a tool that you use with no intention to kill the attacker.

Unlike firearms and other more fatal weapons like knives, non-lethal tools are meant to incapacitate the attacker and neutralize the threat so you have time to get to safety or call for help.

A non-lethal home defense tool could be a home security system that alerts you of the presence of an intruder, a Taser that zaps to temporarily immobilize, or a pepper spray gun than puts the intruder in pain and gives you time to escape or get help.

Unfortunately, a lot of people think situations that necessitate the use of a defense weapon will never befall them. So they are caught unawares.

Especially in an emergency, having to defend oneself is almost a given. And you’ll agree that you are better of gifting your unused defense tool in old age than risking your life because you didn’t prep for home defense.

In this article, we intend to save you from being caught unawares should SHTF. We’ll discuss 8 of the best non-lethal home defense tools and give you important tips to bear in mind when buying and using non-lethal home defense tools.

In a hurry? If you just want to get to our conclusions, here are our top picks and recommendations!

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8 Best Non-Lethal Home Defense Tools

Whether you are prepping for non-lethal bug in self-defense tools or you are thinking whole-family defense, having the best weapon is your ticket to safety, or should we say survival.

One of the 8 non lethal home protection tools reviewed here can be your trump card against an attacker.

Home security system

Compared to other home defense tools, a home security system is the supra defense tool. In an emergency situation, it alerts you when an attacker is approaching your home so that you can act to deter them or get ready for a more decisive defense with a weapon.

A home security system has connected devices and components that together secure your home. The key components are the control panel, sensors, camera(s), and siren/alarm.

Home security systems use sensors to secure entry points like windows and doors as well as detecting motion in open space outside or inside the home.

The best home security systems will have security components fit for your home protection, regardless of its size or the number of entry points.

Our choice: Arlo Encore Pro Certified Pre-Owned - Security Camera System

The Arlo Pro has a wire-free security camera with 1280 x 720p video resolution. It is IP65 certified and weather-resistant so it will work well in cold, hot, rainy, or sunny weather.

The camera comes with 7-day Cloud recording, meaning you can keep the sound and motion recording for 7 days. You can also connect a USB storage to the base station to make local backup storage.

The Arlo Pro Security Camera has two-way audio with a built-in speaker and mic so you can talk and listen in from your smartphone. You could use the speaker to dissuade the intruder before they get to you.

You also have the “sound alarm” and “call friend” features once your camera senses any motion. Besides, you can also use Alexa voice commands.

Your camera has an integrated night vision that switches on automatically to focus on details. The rechargeable batteries are long-lasting to keep your security assured.

Depending on the size of your home, you can choose the number of cameras from 1-6 and even order an extra one. Of course, the number of cameras affects the price.

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  • High-resolution video
  • Two-way audio
  • Integrated night vision
  • You have a choice with the number of cameras


  • Quite pricey


Taser is essentially a brand name. But as a defense weapon, it is an incapacitating tool that works by shooting electric probes to an attacker to create electric shocks and immobilize them.

It mimics a gun in its shape and mechanism such as pulling a trigger to release the electric probes.

While it is often considered the same as a stun gun, a Taser allows you to immobilize your attacker from a 15ft distance. A stun gun has to be in contact with the attacker’s body to send the electric shocks.

The electric probes are powerful enough to penetrate clothing. Once delivered, the shock affects the muscles of the attacker, leaving them in great pain and rendering movement impossible.

But your attacker should be back to normal in a minute, which gives you time to escape or get help.

Our choice: Taser Pulse

The Taser Pulse is an easy-to-use electric shock dispatching tool that connects with your mobile phone and uses real-time GPS tracking via the Noonlight app to ask for emergency help once the trigger is pulled. The weapon supports Android mobile API level 19+ and iOS 8+.

You can shoot from a 15ft range, immobilizing your attacker for around 30 seconds in which you can escape danger and get an emergency response to your location.

The Taser Pulse uses replaceable CR123 batteries that are readily available in retail shops. The inbuilt battery indicator shows you whether you have enough charge should you need to use your non-lethal weapon.

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  • Works with your mobile phone
  • Allows distance from the attacker
  • Calls for emergency help


  • Quite pricey

Pepper spray guns

Pepper sprays can be your best self defense weapon besides guns when administered at close range. For home defense, they are effective if they can be administered from a distance using a pepper spray gun.

Depending on the quality and the amount dispensed, pepper will burn in the eyes for 20min-3 hours. But your eyes may feel uncomfortable the entire day. Half an hour is good enough to get to safety, seek alternative defense, or call for help once the attacker is sprayed with pepper.

Using a pepper gun for home defense may also work as a “scare gun”; one that gives the attacker the impression that you are aiming a real gun at them.

Our choice: Mace Brand Self Defense Pepper Spray Gun

Though labeled as a self-defense gun, this pepper spray gun has a 20ft delivery distance with 7 bursts and shoots delivered in a stream rather than a mist. This makes it perfect for home defense. The Strobe LED light helps you aim and distract the attacker.

The Mace Brand Self Defense Pepper Spray Gun is 6.5" x 4.5" and weighs 28 grams. The pepper spray has a 10% OC strength that causes impaired vision, coughing, respiratory distress, and extreme burning session. The police-strength UV Dye will leave a long-term residue that’s useful for identification and investigation.

The pepper cartridge is easy to load. To dispense the spray, you simply place your thumb on the trigger and press twice or thrice, depending on how much you need to dispense.

You do not need to worry about wasting the pepper spray to practice since the gun comes with a water cartridge for practice.

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  • Adequate delivery distance
  • LED light to direct your aim and distract the attacker
  • Quality pepper spray cartridge
  • Easy to use


  • None!

Door Barricades

When bugging in, barricading your door (and windows) for extra security counts as a proactive form of non lethal home defense since it avoids direct conflict with the intruder.

Door barricades will not only give the attacker a hard time trying to knock the door down and get in but they also give you time to call for help.

You have a variety of options in the market from which you can choose, depending on your security needs.

Our Choice: Defender Security Satin Nickel U 10827 Door Reinforcement Lock

The Defender Security is an extra-strong lock made of extruded Aluminum with a Satin Nickel finish.

The lock comes with 3″ hardened screws that anchor into the door studs and jamb, making installation extremely easy once the holes are pre-drilled. The lock is good for any door size.

This Defender Security Lock is meant to withstand 800lbs of force. That means an intruder will find it impossible to knock it in or pick the lock from the exterior, eliminating the chance for a risky encounter.

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  • Extra strong
  • Easy to install
  • Good for any door size
  • Affordable


  • None!

Air/BB guns

Air guns or rifles are a good alternative to firearms when you are looking for non lethal self-defense devices or non-lethal home defense tools. Instead of bullets that release explosives, air/BB guns use compressed air to release plastic pellets.

The advantage of air guns is that they are not considered firearms in most places and you do not need a license to own one. But they may be legally controlled in some places, so you need to check the rules in your state or region.

It’s also important to check the muzzle velocity of your air gun before using it as a non-lethal weapon. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission indicates that air guns with a muzzle velocity higher than 350ft/sec can be lethal, and you need to use them with caution.

Our choice: GLOCK 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol

The GLOCK 19 air gun has the look of a real pistol, which will send the message that you are well armed to your attacker. It is an air gun replica of the Glock 19in .177 firearm.

This GLOCK 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol is only 7.25″ and weighs 25.6oz, but it fires .177 pellets with a muzzle velocity of 410ft per second. It is powered by a 12g CO2 cartridge that you purchase separately.

The air gun also has an integrated weaver rail that aids quick and easy mounting. You can load up to 15 BBs to the drop-free magazine.

The rugged texture of the handle gives you a firm grip. Besides, you have key safety features like the safety push-button and the trigger blade safety.

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  • Mimics a real gun
  • Easy to load and use
  • Inbuilt safety features
  • Secure BB magazine


  • A 410ft/sec muzzle velocity can be fatal if misused

Here's a short video explaining the differences between pepper spray and Mace.

Flashlights stun gun

Attackers often take advantage of the dark. So a non-lethal weapon that gives you plenty of light while acting as a weapon is no doubt a perfect choice.

The two in one unit will help you investigate the intruder’s movement and also turn into a weapon if the intruder turns into an attacker.

Our choice: Guard Dog Security Dual Spark Stun Gun Flashlight

At first sight, the Guard Dog gives the impression that you are holding a baton. That’s a good thing for a flashlight baton since you have some distance from the attacker who may also try to get rid of the apparent baton only to be zapped.

The Guard Dog Security flashlight has 300 lumens of light, enough to blind your attacker and give you an upper hand in visibility and defense. The stun gun prongs are concealed so your attacker stays in the dark about the power of your weapon.

The flashlight stun gun is made with type III Aluminum alloy to ensure its durability and has a ridged texture, allowing you a firm grip even when you have to struggle with an attacker.

The Guard Dog uses 18650 rechargeable batteries that come with the product as well as the charger.

No products found.


  • Double function; flashlight and stun gun
  • Durable
  • Coarse texture for a firm grip
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • Customer reviews suggest the holster is too large for the flashlight

Baseball Bat

If used properly, a baseball bat will make an effective home defense weapon when you do not intend to use a gun and kill or don’t have other weapons.

Baseball bats have a standard length of 42″ for the thick part and a 2.75″ diameter. They are usually made of wood or metal.

Some baseball bat models have been declared illegal. So, be sure you are purchasing one that is cleared for use in sports or as a self-defense tool.

Our choice: SZYT Baseball Bat Self-Defense Softball Bat

The SZYT is a silver lightweight baseball bat made from Aluminum alloy. The Bat is 1.9″ in diameter and 28″ in length, good enough to keep your distance from the attacker and deal them a deterring blow.

The slender 1.18″ handle of the SZYT Self-Defense Softball Bat fits comfortably in your hand and has a rubber grip that is both anti-skid and shock-absorbent. That means you can hold it firmly when dealing blows to your attacker without worrying it will harm you or fall off your hand easily.

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  • Lightweight
  • Firm non-slid rubber grip
  • Leaves distance between you and the attacker


  • Could bend easily with pressure

Self-defense whips

Non-lethal self-defense whips are easy to conceal in a home. They are usually created with safe ropes and with designs that cause pain to an attacker, taking their attention off you and deterring them.

The best defense whip should give you a good striking distance from the attacker and be flexible enough for speed and efficiency.

Our choice: Collapsible 17" Riding Whip

The 17" Riding Whip is made with several functions in mind, among which self or home defense. It is light, weighing only 3oz, long enough to give you a good striking distance and with fast striking speed.  

Since it is collapsible, you can conceal the Riding Whip and surprise your attacker with a deterring blow if they are insistent. The strong composite handle gives you a firm and secure grip.

No products found.


  • Ample striking distance
  • Light and easy to use
  • Collapsible and thus easy to conceal


  • Spring action could easily turn the whip towards you

Tips for Buying and Using a Non-lethal Home Defense Tool

Bugging in during an emergency is already a strenuous situation. Additional threat from an attacker can cause your stress levels to spike.

To prevent that, it is better to be prepared with a defense tool in the eventuality that someone should decide to attack you in your bug in home during an emergency.

When buying and using a non-lethal defense tool, these five tips should be born in mind.

1. Be aware of the situation

Emergency situations have a surprise element. But that does not mean you should be caught unawares by an intruder. Being aware is part of the reason you are prepping with a home defense tool in the first place.

If you can be aware of an approaching attacker through a surveillance system, you already have an upper hand against them. Pairing your surveillance with another non-lethal weapon like a flashlight stun gun will give you an even better standing.

2. Know your home defense tool

Having a home defense tool that you don’t know how to use or have not tried to see if it works could be as bad as not having one.

Test your non-lethal self-defense tool to ensure it works. Also, keep batteries charged and check them once in a while to ensure they are always charged. Batteries deplete in charge with time, even when not in use.

Trying your home defense tool beforehand is also a way of ensuring you do not direct the tool in the wrong direction when you need to use it. Imagine sending the pepper spray into your eyes instead of those of the intruder? That would be a lost defense cause.

If you are not sure about how to use a defense tool, consider taking some training or watch a reliable demonstration video on YouTube

3. Have your defense tool readily accessible

While it is important to conceal your weapon in your bug-in home, it is equally important that your defense tool can be accessed with ease.

Imagine an intruder already inside your home and you have to go helter-skelter to find a weapon you may not remember where you kept?

Smaller and collapsible defense tools like the Taser, the pepper spray gun, and the whip can easily stay in your bedside drawer. Bigger ones are better kept under the bed or behind a shelf.

Avoid storing your weapon behind the door in case the intruder finds their way in before you notice them. You’ll be rendered defenseless if that happens.

4. Be in control of the situation

Choosing a non-lethal defense tool that puts you in direct contact with the attacker may not be your best deal. Instead, choose one that allows you some distance from your attacker.

For example, go for a Taser instead of a stun gun that requires you to be next to the intruder to zap them. 

Similarly, a handheld pepper spray may not be a good idea since you have to be close to the attacker. Instead, opt for a pepper spray gun that delivers the pepper in a stream from a distance.

5. Choose a firm-grip defense tool

When defending yourself, there is no guarantee that your attacker will not put up some defense. For this reason, it is important that your defense tool gives you a firm grip so your attacker does not take it away from you.

If your assailant should overpower you, non-lethal defense tools have an advantage because they will not be used to kill you but only to immobilize you.

Another element of personal protection for bugging in is body armor. Check out our guide on the best body armor for civilians to make a great pick for emergency preparedness.

Best Non-lethal Home Defense Tools Wrap Up

If you’ve read every part of this article, it is an indication that you are serious about acquiring a non-lethal home defense tool.

What remains is making your informed decision about what would be the best non-lethal home defense tools for your bug in.

So, will it be a Taser, a pepper spray gun, a defense whip, a security system, or a door barricade? One tool may not suffice and you may need at least two.

For example, if you only have a security system, you can tell when an intruder is approaching but you’ll need a second non-lethal weapon to immobilize the attacker if they don’t heed your call to retreat through the system audio.

Acquiring a couple of non-lethal home defense tools will offer you better defense. This will also be a good move should one of the tools fail and you need to bring in another one.

To be completely prepared, learn how to use your non-lethal home defense tools as soon as you purchase them. You never really know when Shit will Hit The Fan!

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