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10 Best Survival Water Storage Containers

This article covers the best survival water storage containers on the market and what you should look for when buying a quality one for bugging in.

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Life can get very unpredictable at times. One day things are going well, and the next, everything is falling apart.

That is why it is important always to be prepared for anything.

Therefore, investing in water storage containers is vital if you are looking to survive the unforeseen moments.

Water is an essential part of life, and without it, survival is compromised. A human being cannot go for more than three days without water- that is how important water is.

Water storage containers are vessels used for emergency water storage, or for storing water for future use. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the purpose, capacity, preference, and of course, your budget.

There are many types of water storage containers in the market. The best water storage containers fulfill your individual water storage needs, and most of them are made of plastic and stainless steel.

We shall get into more detail about everything you need to know about water storage containers in this article.

In a hurry? If you just want to get to our conclusions, here are our top picks and recommendations!

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Why do you need to store water?

You may have asked yourself this question because, well, you have had a constant supply of clean water in your house for months on end.

What happens, though, when pipes break and tap water does not make it to your house anymore?

How about when water in the neighborhood gets contaminated and becomes undrinkable? It will take days to fix the problem, and you will need water for drinking and preparing food.

In other scenarios, a disaster such as floods, a hurricane, or an earthquake may hit, disrupting the usual supply of water.

Having water stored away in emergency water storage containers will ensure you do not die of thirst or starvation.

10 Best Survival Water Storage Containers Reviewed

1. Reliance Aqua-Tainer 7 Rigid Water Container

The Reliance Aqua-Tainer is the most popular emergency water storage container in the market. The BPA-free and food-safe container is made from rugged materials that are opaque to protect water from direct sunlight.

The handle is smooth, ergonomic, and conveniently contoured to make it easy and comfortable to move the container around.

It comes with a hideaway spout that will allow you to dispense water easily and without risk of contaminating the water.

The Reliance 7 Gallon Aqua-Tainer is available in two sizes- 7 gallons/26L and 4 gallons/ 15L capacities. It is 2 pounds heavy. It is compact and stackable when empty.

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  • Has an ergonomically contoured handle for easy carrying
  • They are stackable when empty which makes storage easy
  • It has a hideaway spout for easy water dispensing
  • It is budget friendly
  • Has a 5-year warranty
  • Portable and suitable for outdoor activities


  • Too much exposure to sunlight will lead to chemical leaks that contaminate water.

2. WaterBOB

There may be a bathtub in your house that is rarely used. You do not have enough space or water storage materials to store enough water to take you through an upcoming hurricane.

Worry not. WaterBOB has got your back. The WaterBOB Bathtub Emergency Water Storage Container can store up to 100 gallons of fresh drinking water in a standard bathtub.

Storing drinking water directly into the bathtub can be gross, and soon you may have to get rid of the water or use it for something else.

This container can store your water and keep it in good drinking condition for up to 16 weeks.

The WaterBOB BPA-free water container is extremely easy to use. First, lay the WaterBOB bladder flat at the bottom of the bathtub with the nozzles looking up.

Next, unscrew the closest nozzle and attach the fill sock in a clockwise direction. Then, fill the bladder with cold water by holding the sock over the faucet.

When full, replace the filling sock with a white cap and ensure it is tightly sealed. When ready to use the water, remove the nozzle at the center and, in its place, thread on the siphon pump to dispense off the water. Tighten the vent cap when done.

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  • It enables you to store drinking water in the bathtub, which saves on space.
  • Keeps water clean for drinking for up to 16 weeks
  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to use
  • It comes in handy in emergencies.


  • You need a bathtub to use it

3. Saratoga Farms 5-Gallon Stackables

You needn’t worry about water storage with these containers in the market. The 5-Gallon capacity water storage containers will ensure you survive any emergency.

They are BPA-free and FDA approved to store drinking water. Its material is opaque, which prevents the growth of bacteria in the container. Thus, you do not have to keep cleaning it every other time.

The Saratoga Farms 5-Gallon Containers are stackable and compact, which saves on space. It comes with a cap which you should use to seal the container once you have filled them with water.

The stack comes in a pack of 8 containers- that is enough water for approximately 40 days, assuming a person uses one gallon of water per day. They are easy to carry, thanks to the easy-grip handles.

No products found.


  • They have flat tops and bottoms, making them easy to stack.
  • They are compact and space-saving
  • They are BPA-free
  • They are durable


  • They cannot be stored on direct cement

4. Allentian Stainless Steel Water Can

This portable water storage container comes in different capacities: 5 Gallon/ 20 liters, 8 Gallon/ 30 liters, and 10 Gallon/ 40 liters.

It is made with 304 stainless steel, which renders it a quality product. It is designed with aluminum caps and has pressure-releasing valves.

The Allentian Stainless Steel Water Can comes with a spout for dispensing water and a cap for sealing the container tightly.

The 7.7-pound container is sturdy and is made to last long. It can also be used for camping and other outdoor activities.

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  • Portable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • It comes with a spout hose for dispensing water.


  • It is not ready to use- you have to clean it thoroughly before you can store water in it.

5. Smart Tank 50 Gallon Stackable Water Storage Tank

If you are a serious prepper who prefers storing huge amounts of water at a go, this is the perfect container.

It stores up to 50 gallons of water, which is enough to see you survive emergencies during water shortages and natural disasters.

The Smart Tank 50 Gallon Stackable Water Storage Tank is made of high-quality material, which is long-lasting, so you do not have to think about refilling any time soon. The smart tank is BPA free and is resistant to UV light.

Thus, you can be sure that your water will be safe from contamination. These tanks are stackable, which is great for saving space.

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  • It is durable
  • It is made of BPA-free, opaque material
  • Stackable hence good for saving space
  • Can store up to 50 gallons of water


  • They are costly

6. 5.3 Gallon Water Container Collapsible

This container is arguably one of the best of its kind in the market. Storing up to 5 gallons of water, it is an essential commodity to possess in case of disasters and water shortage.

It is made of food-grade BPA-free material that protects the water from poisoning. Unlike other water containers in the market, this one is not easy to be damaged or crackled.

Its heavy-duty material is made to withstand heavy pressure, and it can even be used as a seat. How cool is that?

The 5.3 Gallon Water Container Collapsible comes with a custom-made lid and a spigot with which you can control the flow of water.

On top of that, when not in use, its collapsible nature means you can fold it while storing it- think of the amount of space you can save!

This also means it is very portable and can be easily carried to family trips and other outdoor activities.

No products found.


  • Pocket friendly
  • BPA-free
  • Durable
  • Foldable and Reusable
  • Space-saving


  • Rough and sharp objects can easily damage it

7. Ivy Bag Portable Water Bladder

Want to store drinking water for emergencies? You are at camp and need to set up a camp shower? You are a prepper and want always to have back-up water supply?

Look no further. The Ivy Bag is exactly what you need. Made with strong and durable TPU-coated material, the easily transportable bag will serve your water storage needs to satisfaction.

In addition to coming handy during emergencies, you can also use the Ivy Bag for camping, outdoor showers, water storage in remote locations, and water transportation.

The Ivy Bag Portable Water Bladder comes in three storage capacities- 10 gallons, 25 gallons, and 50 gallons. It is, therefore, suitable for long-term water storage.

During transport, the bladder is secured in place by four tie-down grommets. There are six grommets in the 50-gallon bag. It contains valves to control the flow of water.

The best part is that this bag comes with a two-year warranty against manufacturer shortcomings.

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  • It can hold large amounts of water
  • It is made with durable, high quality TPU-coated material
  • It is light and compact, making it portable and easy to store
  • It is easy to use
  • It comes with a two-year warranty


  • It is costly

8. WaterBrick

The WaterBrick is a perfect emergency water storage container and can be used both at home and in the great outdoors.

It comes in a pack of eight, with each WaterBrick holding 3.5 gallons of water- this totals to 28 gallons. 28 gallons can comfortably last you a couple of weeks.

The containers are stackable, a feature that saves on space big time. The material is FDA-approved and BPA-free, so you need not worry about the safety of your water.

The grip on the containers is easy to handle, so carrying the containers is comfortable. WaterBrick is multi-purpose in that it can also be used to store food stuff like rice and beans.

No products found.


  • They are stackable, which saves on space during storage
  • They have an easy-to-grip handle
  • They are BPA-free
  • They are multi-purpose- can be used to store food items
  • They come in a pack of 8, and can be used for long-term water storage


  • You can only buy them in a pack of 8

9. Valterra’s ABS Fresh Water Tanks

The Valterra Water Tank is your perfect solution for long-term water storage. With dimensions of 8 by 30 by 16 inches, the tank can hold up to 15 gallons of water.

These tanks are made with high-grade ABS plastic, which is light-weight and algae free. They are odorless, tasteless and non-corrosive. They are leakage-proof thanks to their one-piece extruded construction.

Valterra Water Tanks are easily installed where they assume a horizontal configuration. They have six threaded fittings, three on each side.

You should be careful not to apply too much pressure on the tanks so that they last long.

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  • Can be used to store water for a long time
  • They are leakage proof
  • They are made with high quality ABS plastic material
  • They are non-corrosive, so you can be sure that your water is safe


  • They succumb to high pressure

10. Vaupan Half Gallon Big Water Bottle

This bottle holds half a gallon of drinking water, which, ideally, is the amount of water you should drink in a day.

In case of an emergency, you will have one more thirst-free day with Vaupan Water Bottle.

The bottle is light-weight, which means you can carry it with you wherever you go. It has a strong, anti-slip handle, which makes it comfortable to carry.

The Vaupan Half Gallon Big Water Bottle is sealed with a leak-proof cap that is linked to the bottle with a strong nylon strap. Thus, it will be very hard to lose the cap. This water bottle is also very suitable for sports.

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  • Light-weight and portable
  • Easy to clean
  • No unpleasant smell of plastic or chemicals
  • Practical and fashionable


  • It is small- cannot hold water long-term

Types of Water Storage Containers

There is a myriad of containers where you can store your water in preparation for an emergency. Like mentioned before, most of these containers are made of plastic and stainless steel.

In the first part of the article, you saw our reviews of the best water storage containers that you should consider.

For now, let us touch on the different categories of containers in which you can store your water in preparation for an emergency.

Stainless Steel Water Storage Containers

These are the most preferred for storing water long-term. Stainless steel is preferred because it is devoid of chemicals that may possibly contaminate the water.

On top of that, they are durable and keep the ultraviolet rays of the sun at bay. Stainless steel water storage containers are among the heaviest and the most expensive.

However, you should be careful not to store water that has been chlorinated, as it will cause corrosion of the stainless steel. This will lead to the poisoning of the water.

Plastic Water Storage Containers

These are the most obvious choice when it comes to water storage. They are light-weight, readily available, durable, and pocket friendly.

It is, however, advisable to replace the stored water time and again. Unlike stainless steel containers, these are not the best choice for long-term water storage.

According to food scientists, plastic leaches chemicals into the stored water over time. Direct sunlight catalyzes this process.

Thus, proper storage away from direct sunlight slows down the leaching of chemicals.

Glass Water Storage Containers

Yes, you can also store your water in containers made of glass. They do not contaminate water under any circumstances, as long as they are sterilized.

Glass water storage containers are easy to find, easy to clean and to disinfect. They can store water long term as long as they are stored well and sterilized as frequently as needed.

The main disadvantage to these containers is that they are fragile and can break very easily. To reduce the chances of breakage, wrap up the containers with newspaper or other materials that prevent the breaking of glass.

Water Tanks

Also known as large water storage containers, water tanks are ultimately the best water storage containers for long term water storage.

They can hold up to tens of thousands of gallons of water. Water tanks are huge- once put in place, it’s hard to move them around.

Compared to the other types, water tanks are costly, but justifiably so.

Bathtub Water Storage Bladders

When worse comes to worst, you can result to storing water in their bathtubs and sink basins. A very brilliant idea, but the sterility of these containers is questionable.

That is where the bathtub water storage bladders come in. These are refillable bags that are put in bathtubs to hold pure and fresh drinking water.

They hold water up to 100 gallons and can also be used in the transportation of water. Also, they are very affordable.

Multiple water bottles

Plastic Water Bottles

These are suitable for storing drinking water on a short-term basis. Since they are made out of plastic and leaching of chemicals will occur after some time.

Thus, it is advisable not to store them out for too long, as the water might be contaminated.

Plastic water bottles are convenient for road trips and other outdoor activities with your friends and family.

What is the best container to store water in?

The best container to store your water in should be able to meet your storage needs- whether in terms of time-frame, capacity, or mobility.

Still, there are some requirements that a water storage container should meet. They include the following:

They should be made of non-corrosive material

Drinking water is never pure- it has several minerals which make it a reactive element.

Hence, it can react with many other elements to form compounds or solutions that may be hazardous when consumed.

That is why most water storage containers are made of stainless steel, plastic, and in fewer cases, glass- all of which do not react with water.

Water storage containers should be durable

The containers should be strong enough to withstand different conditions and last a long time.

What good is a container if it cannot be used to store water for the required time frame?

Stainless steel containers are known to be durable. Plastic is a close second when stored in the right conditions. Glass is also durable when handled with care.

They should have a fitting lid

Whether the water storage container is made of steel, plastic, or glass, it should have a well-fitting lid that locks tightly.

This applies to water stored for all purposes, but more so water for drinking and cooking.

This way, germs, and other organisms will not have room to get in and contaminate your well-stored water.

They should have a strong, stable base

The containers should be built in a way that the base is strong enough to support its full capacity without toppling over.

It would be very frustrating when you are trying to move a water tank, and it keeps toppling over, so take note of the shape of the container.

They should be opaque

Water storage containers should be built with materials that are not transparent. Light breaks water into its constituent elements.

It causes the water to heat up and induces the growth of bacteria in the container.

If you have to use transparent containers, ensure that they are stored away from direct sunlight.

Outdoor opaque emergency water storager tank

They should be easy to clean

Like every other storage vessel, water storage vessels need to be cleaned every now and then.

In as much as water is a cleaning agent, it can also have the opposite effect when stored in a vessel for long.

The container should, therefore, be easy to clean.

How to safely store water

You have to follow certain guidelines when storing water to ensure that the water stays clean for as long as possible.

One, ensure that the containers are clean and sanitized before putting water in them.

For containers that are stored outside, see to it that they are opaque enough to restrict light from penetrating.

It is okay to use transparent containers inside the house as long as exposure to light is minimal.

Also, see to it that your containers are sealable and have well-fitting lids to prevent unwanted things from contaminating the water. Have a siphon pump to ‘harvest’ the water- avoid fetching it inside the storage container as this may introduce germs.

On that note, ensure you label the containers in accordance with their purposes to avoid mix ups, especially "drinking water." While storing water storage containers, avoid direct contact with cement; use an insulator such as wood.

You should treat your water often to curb contamination. Chlorine dioxide water preserver is as effective water treatment solution- it can treat about sixty gallons of clean water for a period of up to five years.

Another method of treating stored water would be adding a small amount of chlorine bleach to each gallon of water. This method will keep your water clean and safe for drinking for up to half a year.

If you are opposed to using chemicals to treat your water, that is okay. Rotating stored water semi-annually will also keep it from getting contaminated.

Remember to keep stored water away from the reach of young children. Also, steer clear of harmful substances such as gasoline and pesticides.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Water Storage Container

You want to buy a container that best suits your needs and budget.

Thus, the following are things to consider before settling on a particular water storage container:

Storage space

Buy a water storage container that is compatible with the space you have. If you have a small space, go for smaller-sized containers.

You can get several of those and store them at different places in your house. Bathtub bags are also a great way to utilize limited space.

If you have a large storage area, then, by all means, get as big a water storage container.

In this case, water tanks would be the best fit to ensure you have water for a long time.


How deep your pocket is will determine the container you will purchase. Plastic water storage containers are effective and pocket friendly.

Glass water storage containers are also pretty affordable. Stainless steel containers are relatively costlier.

However, depending on the size, you can easily afford the smaller-sized ones.

If your budget allows, you could indulge in the more expensive containers such as water tanks and bigger stainless-steel containers.

A large, long term, water storage container


If you are going to camp out for a weekend, there is really no need for you to pack a 500-gallon water capacity container of drinking water. In this case, small water bottles will suffice.

However, if there is an upcoming earthquake and you have no idea how long it will take for things to swing back to normal, it is wise to invest in a vessel big enough to sustain you for as long as possible.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends storing three days’ worth of water in case of an emergency.

If you are a serious prepper, though, you will most likely go for bigger containers.

Geographic location

How far you are from a fresh-water sources is another factor that you have to consider. If the source of water e.g. a river is close-by, then it will not be a nuisance to make a few trips there every few days.

As such, you may not need too many or too big of water storage containers. If the source is far, however, it would be wise to invest in many big water storage containers.

In case your water supply is compromised they would save you the many hectic trips to and from the water sources.

Presence of Bisphenol A

BPA is found in many plastic containers, as well as water tanks.

This chemical is harmful as it seeps through and contaminates water, on top of discoloring it.

When consumed, BPA can affect bodily functions such as reproduction, cell division, and energy levels.

You should, therefore, choose water vessels that are BPA free.

Number of people

The number of people will largely determine the size of the storage container to be used. One person uses approximately one gallon of water per day- half of it for drinking and the other half for other purposes.

Thus, you should do calculations according to the number of people in need of the water.

Still, there are variables to be considered in this calculation: the type of activities being carried out, the weather, and the time-frame.


The material of the container has to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It should be food-grade material that is durable, light-weight, and affordable. Also, the material should be opaque to prevent light from getting into the container.

Light causes the water to heat up and induces the growth of bacteria in the container.

You do not want to keep cleaning your container and rotating stored water every other week, do you?

Emergency Water Storage Containers Conclusion

It is important to invest in emergency water storage containers in preparation for unforeseen circumstances.

We believe that the vessels listed above are the best water storage containers in the market.

They are durable, BPA-free, and very reliable. So, go on ahead and follow the links provided for more information or to place an order.

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