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Best Prepper Helmet: Bump Or Ballistic? (+3 Recommendations)

While it does add extra weight to a bug out bag, a helmet can prove indispensable for preppers in certain survival situations. Find out more about bump and ballistic helmets in this article.

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Prepping is the act of staying prepared in case of war or any emergencies that can happen in our world. It doesn't hurt to get ready for what is to come in the future.

Now, knowing what you need for the end of the world is the key to surviving. Knowing what helmet you can have is essential. You never know what natural disaster or other emergencies you can encounter in the future.

If you are a prepper looking for extra gear to have in your bug out bag, should you consider a helmet? And what is the best helmet to get in this case?

The quick answer is YES, it is best to consider buying a helmet for your bug out bag. The best bump helmet that you can buy is the Team Wendy EXFIL LTP Helmet, and the best ballistic helmet that you can buy is the Genuine Usgi Ach Mich MSA SDS Helmet.

In a hurry? If you just want to get to our conclusions, here are our top picks and recommendations!

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Prepper helmet - do you need one?

If you think about it, in our daily lives, people wear helmets as a form of protection. If you are biking or maybe working on a construction site, you need to wear a safety helmet. With this said, yes, you do need a helmet as a prepper. Remember that a slight head injury can lead to a death sentence.

Now, prepper helmets can come in handy when there are natural disasters such as tornadoes or hurricanes. There are different things flying in about when it comes to tornadoes, so you don't want any of those hitting your head. Having a helmet can protect you from any of the things that are flying around.

However, if you are a new prepper, it may not be a great idea to add a helmet to your gear. There are plenty of other survival items that you need to buy and give attention to than a helmet. The only time you can buy the helmet is when you have all the gear you need and have that extra money to buy your helmet.

If you are new and would want a helmet included in your bug out bag, a simple hockey or football helmet will do. However, it may not be the best solution in the long run. Eventually, you would have to buy one that is the best fit for any survival situation that you might encounter in the future.

SHTF bump helmets vs. ballistic prepper helmets

Bump helmets overview

Bump helmets are designed to protect the person from any forceful impact. These factors are falling debris, shrapnel, and other harmful things that may come your way. However, it is not rated for gunfire and it's only best for natural disasters. It will keep you safe from tornadoes, hurricanes, or any seismic events.

The bump helmet doesn't offer ballistic protection, but most have a comfortable mountain platform for night vision. It has friendly force indicators that can be mounted on the helmet. However, it is not considered the same as a bike helmet. It is designed for head protection that is light and useful for protecting the front and the back of your head.

These are also great for civilian search and rescue. It is easy to set up because of its weight and design. It is easy to bring, so you can just place this on your bug out bag and head your way. Also, if you are thinking of doing some extreme sports at the end of the world, this may be the best helmet for you to use.

Ballistic helmet overview

The ballistic helmet is another helmet that you can consider purchasing. These helmets can withstand pistol caliber hits and will be great for home invasion situations. If you need to hunt for food, this is the best helmet to use. You can place night vision equipment on the helmet so that you can hunt during the night.

Now, if there's a case of a home invasion during the night, you can see what your assailant can't with the night vision optics. It is also great for climbing, mountaineering, base jumping, etc. These helmets have different levels of protection that are tested by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).

They base the ballistic protection rates on the rounds the item proved capable of stopping during rigorous testing. With this said Levels I to III-A can stop various handgun rounds such as .44 magnum and .25 auto or other lessor powered ammunition. Levels III and IV, on the other hand, can stop standard rifle rounds.

This will be perfect if there is an all-out war that may happen in the future. It never hurts to be ready for different types of survival situations that you may encounter.

Best prepper helmets (by type)

Of course, you only want the best prepper helmets there are in the market. You want something that is strong and can protect your head in different types of situations. Here are some recommendations that you can buy and add to your bug out bag.

Best bump helmets for preppers

Team Wendy EXFIL LTP Helmet

The Team Wendy EXFIL LTP Helmet is one of the best protective bump helmets that you can buy. It has a critical shock absorbing properties that other bump helmets don't have. It provides an easy night vision mount with an integrated Wilcox machined aluminum mounting plate.

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This bump helmet is made in the USA from strop LTP lightweight tactical polymer. It is rated by the NIJ as Level III-A. The only downside to this bump helmet is the price, as it's quite expensive. It would be best to add this to your bug out bag when you have extra money to spare.

DLP Tactical Impax Extreme Bump Helmet

The DLP Tactical Impax Extreme Bump Helmet is designed to look like a real military ACH. It is lighter and much less expensive than a ballistic helmet. It offers excellent impact protection, and it is certified for climbing. You will feel well ventilated when wearing the DLP Tactical Impax Extreme Bump Helmet.

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It is easy to adjust to fit your head and has an effective helmet retention system. With this said, you can have a secure fit helmet that will not be easily taken off. The main disadvantage to this helmet is the padding placement instructions may need improvement. There are different users that claim it is a bit hard to follow.

Best ballistic helmet for preppers

Genuine Usgi Ach Mich MSA SDS Helmet

The Genuine Usgi Ach Mich MSA SDS Helmet is a military issued GENTEX ballistic helmet. You can rest assured that your head would be well protected. It is rated as Level III-A by NIJ and has an advanced combat kevlar MICH helmet. It has a great price and comes with a Multicam cover.

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The chin strap has a padded suspension system where it can help keep the helmet stay put on your head. The Genuine Usgi Ach Mich MSA SDS Helmet's downside is it has no rails or NVG mount installed on the bare-bones model. This helmet is best if there is an all-out war that may happen in the future and can be the best protection for your head against guns.


Top reasons for preppers to own a helmet

The main reason why preppers should own a helmet is it can defend their head from any damage. Though, it has been an online discussion whether you should get one or not. Other people may think it is a silly idea, but it never hurts to prepare for different occasions. It is your best protection when there are tornadoes, hurricanes, and other seismic events that may happen.

Now, as I've mentioned above, if you are a newbie prepper, no need to think about buying a helmet. This is because it can get expensive, and it might be better to place your money on something that is more worthwhile and important.

If you do see yourself hunting in the future, which you most likely are because it is a skill that you should have for surviving, having a helmet will keep you safe. It will also allow you to hunt at night because you can mount night vision accessories on the helmet. If you do find yourself in a place where it's dark, you can also mount a flashlight so that you can see better.

Overall, I think it is much better to add a helmet to your gear because it will be such a significant asset. Remember, our head is the most critical part of our body. You might want to protect it from any accidents that may happen.

Survival helmets - advantages & disadvantages

When it comes to survival helmets, you can expect some advantages and disadvantages that you can get from survival helmets. One is that it can protect your head in different circumstances. When you find yourself on a bumpy road, it is best to have a heavy helmet to protect your heat. However, if you are on foot, no need for helmets.

Survival helmets can stop 20 percent of frag kicked up by small firearms, and they can also stop 20 percent of handgun rounds that are fired at your head.

There is also no need to worry about not seeing at night since you can mount night vision goggles on the helmet. The same thing goes with a flashlight, so you can move freely and go hands-free whenever you are moving about.

Of course, when there are advantages, there are also disadvantages. Bringing a helmet can slow you down. Aside from that, it can only stop a small percentage of headshots. So, you can't guarantee your safety with just a helmet on your head. Lastly, it will give cues that you are a prepper.

Should you keep a prepper helmet in your bug out bag?

Remember, a bug out bag should be light and should only have important things such as your first aid kits. If you can carry additional weight on your bug out bag, why not bring your helmet along.

However, if you want to go light and don't like the hassle of having a bulky helmet on your bag, it is best to opt-out of buying a helmet in your bug out bag.

When it comes to your bug out bag, you should remember to pack it in a systematic way. Always make sure to keep the ones that you need in reach while the other less important things should be placed at the back of your bug out bag. Your first aid kit should be placed in the outside pocket of your bag so it is easily reachable in case of emergencies.

Now, if your bug out bag is already too heavy without the helmet, it might not be a good idea to get one. The helmet will only add weight to your bag and will slow you down. Now, if you can bring weight on your back, by all means, you can add a helmet to your bug out bag.

I, myself, like to bring everything that I might need in different situations. I can handle extra weight added to my bag, so I always have a helmet included. You would never know when you might need it or not.

Survival helmets conclusions

There's no doubt that a bump or ballistic helmet can help you survive any dangers that nature may bring in the future. Knowing that you are protected can provide you peace of mind.

With all of the choices that you have in the market, it will be a breeze for you to pick out the helmet that will fit your needs when the world is about to end.

Always keep a keen eye for the best prepper helmet, whether it is a bump or ballistic so that you are protected from whatever situation you may face in the future.

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