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Best Non-Lethal Self-Defense Tools [13 Prepper Picks]

In this article, we explain 13 of the best non-lethal self-defense tools and give you some crucial tips for buying and using non-lethal self-defense weapons.

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You’ve probably heard people say that ours is the most dangerous time in human history.

And not just because of the existing terrorist and nuclear threats, but because humans have really become "Homo homini lupus est": a man is a wolf to another man.

The hard reality is that you never know when a stranger or even your neighbor will attack.

And a non-lethal self defense tool will help you survive  against your attacker, without turning you into a killer and getting you tangled up in a legal case.

The best non-lethal self-defense tool can be short-range as with pepper sprays, stun guns, and tactical pens.

But they can also be medium-range like stun batons, tactical whips, and monkey fists.

Also, non-lethal self-defense tools can be long-range like pepper spray guns, air pistols, and Tasers.

Depending on their power, the situation, and your ability to use them, self-defense tools will neutralize the danger and immobilize the attacker so that you have time to get to safety or seek emergency help. They are, however, not meant to kill or cause irreversible harm.

In this article, we explain 13 of the best non-lethal self-defense options and give you some crucial tips for buying and using non-lethal self-defense weapons.

Along the way, we will also highlight the main pros and cons of non-lethal weapons for each of the three major categories.

In a hurry? If you just want to get to our conclusions, here are our top picks and recommendations!

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Best 13 Non-lethal Self-defense Tools

To help you know exactly is the best non-lethal self defense weapon to carry in a particular situation, we have reviewed for you the self-defense tools according to specific categories as listed here:

  • Best short-range non-lethal self-defense tools
  • Best medium-range non-lethal self-defense tools
  • Best long-range non-lethal self-defense tools

Best Short-Range Non-Lethal Self-Defense Tools

Short-range non-lethal self-defense tools are your best weapons when the assailant is next to you and probably putting up a physical fight to overpower you. Your strength and how tactical you are to quickly use a self-defense weapon will determine if and how fast you neutralize the threat.

Defending yourself using short-range non-lethal tools can be tricky. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be done.

Pro: when your assailant is putting up a physical fight, they may not see every part of you, which gives you a chance to draw a short-range self-defense tool and surprise them.

Con: The physical contact and proximity may immobilize you or make your assailant prevent you from drawing your weapon, which means you have to be extremely tactical.

Short-range tools are more into the physical fighting aspect of self-defense. At this range, you need to have the strength and quickness to quickly hit your attacker with your weapon of choice.

The variety of close-range self-defense tools is inexhaustible. Here are our 6 top choices.

Pepper sprays

If you’ve accidentally got a bit of pepper powder into your eyes, you’ll agree that it is the best self defense weapon besides a gun. Even the most daring attacker will not stand a spray of pepper into their eyes…it burns like hellfire!

Pepper sprays are the best self defense weapon to carry and will temporarily impair the vision of your assailant and cause them to have respiratory distress and an extreme burning sensation.

No one has the will or strength to keep attacking while experiencing extreme burning in their eyes. Besides, the distress will last for up to half an hour or longer, which is plenty of time to get to safety.

Of course, you’ll need to ensure that the pepper spray gets into your attacker’s eyes by catching them unawares. Pepper sprays are often disguised in other tools such as key chains or lipstick-like tiny cases.

The best pepper spray for self-defense has these qualities:

  • A high concentration of the main capsaicinoids
  • Strong shooting range
  • Safety features to prevent accidental self-spray and discharge.

Our pick: Mace Brand Police Strength Mini Keychain Pepper Spray

We chose the Mace Keychain Pepper Spray for its tiny size and “concealed identity” in a keychain. Though it says “for women” the black color option is perfect for a man seeking a safe and non-lethal self-defense weapon.

The pepper spray in this keychain is of police strength quality and delivers 6 bursts of 10% OC pepper formula. The cone-stream spray will go up to 5 feet, which is a perfect delivery for short-range self-defense.

The compact hard case of the Mace Keychain Pepper Spray makes your key-chain weapon easy to carry and keeps the contents safe. To dispense, you simply flip the cover with a single hand and press the thumb actuator trigger to reveal the spraying nozzle and aim it to the assailant.

No one will suspect your keychain and you can freely carry it in hand, on your belt, in a handbag, or hanging on your backpack. Even if an assailant were to attack you while you open your car, your tiny weapon is ready for use.

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What you’ll like

  • Unsuspected keychain pepper holder
  • Extremely tiny for easy carrying
  • Police strength quality pepper
  • 5ft cone-spray delivery

What you may not like

  • The nozzle could be easily missed when spraying
  • The cone-stream can accidentally blowback to you

Check out the video below for some tips and tricks on using pepper spray.

Stun guns

Stun guns use a pair of electrodes that cause an electric shock to an assailant when placed against their body. The stun effect is activated when the trigger or the button is pressed and a painful shock and temporary incapacitation experienced by the target.

Stun guns come in all shapes and sizes including flashlight shapes and phone designs. The best stun guns for self-defense have these qualities.

  • The electrodes will penetrate heavy clothing to deliver the shock
  • They are lightweight and easily concealed

Our pick: TERMINATOR Smart Cell Phone Stun Gun

We chose this phone-design stun gun for two key reasons: it can be easily carried around as a phone and it will make your assailant believe you are pulling out a phone to seek help. If they try to get it from you or ask for it, you simply give it and press the stunning button.

The TERMINATOR Smart Cell Phone Stun Gun comes with a long-lasting battery that needs recharging every 5 months. You have a battery indicator to show you when your stun gun is fully charged, just like with an ordinary phone.

You also get a LED flashlight capable of blinding your assailant and providing you with light in case of a night attack.

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What you’ll like

  • A stun gun disguised as a phone
  • Blinding flashlight
  • Long-lasting battery

What you may not like

  • Could break easily if dropped

Tactical pens

Tactical pens are, shockingly, pens with writing ink cartridges that have an additional self-defense function. They are a common self-defense tool because they can be carried openly while the weapon is concealed in an “innocent” pen, no one guesses you have a weapon.

You use a tactical pen to defend yourself by mostly stabbing the assailant. But tactical pens can also be used to break glass while others come with a flashlight.

Tactical pens are easy to carry. You simply hook them to a shirt or pant pocket and you are set. The best tactical pens for self-defense have these qualities:

  • Extra sharp ball-point that will cause extreme pain to the attacker and immobilize them.
  • Multifunctional properties such as a flashlight or glass-breaking blunt end.

Our pick: ANKAKA 6-in-1 Tactical Pen

The ANKAKA is no doubt the most loaded 6-in1 tactical pen. It comes with a self-defense tip, a writing ballpoint, a flashlight, a screwdriver, a hexagon wrench, and a bottle opener. You also get 6 batteries, 5 ink refills, and a gift box, and all for a reasonable price.

The durable pen is made of strong aircraft aluminum which also guarantees that the pen does not break when employed for self-defense.

You don’t just carry the ANKAKA 6-in-1 Tactical Pen waiting for some nutcase to attack you. You can use it daily to write and you’ll like its smooth print. It is smear-proof and the ink dries fast. And even though you get 6 ink refills and can purchase more, the pen is compatible with cheaper standard ink refills.

The small size and handy design make the pen easy to carry around. You simply hook your ANKAKA to your shirt or pant pocket or a side pocket on your bag then easily draw and use it to defend yourself when needed.

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Why you’ll like it

  • 6 functions in one pen
  • Easy to carry
  • Made of extra-strong material

Why you may not like it

  • Could be easily forgotten at a desk

Personal alarms

A personal alarm is a tiny electronic device that produces an extremely loud sound when a button is pressed or a tag pulled.

The siren-like noise is loud enough to disorient an assailant, buying you time to get to safety. It will also alert people around you that you are in trouble, soliciting help and causing your assailant to flee.

Personal alarms may come with additional functionality and features. One big advantage of this non-lethal self-defense weapon is that you can carry and use it without the fear of legal implications.

The best self-defense personal alarms should have these qualities:

  • Produce a deafening sound, enough to disorient your assailant
  • Be concealable and have a safety feature that prevents it from going off unnecessarily

Our pick: KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm

The KOSIN Personal Alarm comes in a budget-friendly pack of 6. You can use it as a key chain or simply clip it to your belt, survival backpack, or handbag. Its small size makes it good to carry anywhere you go.

The 140db (decibel) alarm is extremely loud and the deafening sound will be heard up to around 606ft. Besides, it can go on for 50 minutes, which is more than enough time to draw attention and get help.

Made of strong ABS plastic, the KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm will resist falls or any form of pressure and extreme conditions. The 3 AG13/LR44 batteries will last for a year and charge both the alarm and the inbuilt LED flashlight.

To get it going, you simply pull the pin on the side. Pulling it out completely will make the sound extremely loud. You put back the pin to stop the sound.

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Why you’ll like it

  • Extremely loud
  • Sturdy long-lasting material
  • Inbuilt LED light
  • Easy to carry around or hook to accessories

Why you may not like it

  • You have to unscrew the cover to change batteries

Self-defense key chains

Some of the self-defense tools discussed earlier, such as the Mace Brand Pepper Spray are created to serve as keychains. But ordinary key chain designs can also be adapted to serve as non-lethal self-defense tools.

Instead of buying a simple keychain to hold your keys, you can purchase a multipurpose one that can also serve as a non-lethal weapon in case you are attacked. An advantage of keychain defense tools is that you can easily carry more than one.

Among self-defense keychain brands, the Kubotan trademark developed by Sōke Takayuki Kubota in the 1960s is quite famous. This keychain has six round grooves, a screw eye or swivel, and a split ring attachment for your keys.

The best keychain for self-defense will have these qualities:

  • Easy and quick to draw and use for self defense
  • Strong enough to use as a weapon and not just as a key holder.

Our pick: Self-Defence Aluminum Anti-Wolf Defense Keychain

Though presented as a ladies' defense tool, this aluminum keychain will work perfectly in a man’s strong hands. It is a budget choice since you get a set of 5 for the same price.

The keychain is made of durable aviation aluminum. Its surface is specially processed to withstand pressure and will not scratch easily.

You can choose to carry more than one since the keychain is only 5.5″ long and has a minimum weight of 1.6oz. You either put it in your bag with the keys or hang it on a belt or backpack, ready for use when danger strikes.

Though color has nothing to do with the Anti-Wolf Defense Keychain’s self-defense strength, you can still choose the color you want to carry around and you can also use color to choose an Anti-Wolf Defense Keychain as a gift for a friend whose safety you care about.

No products found.

Why you will like it

  • A budget-friendly set
  • Easy and light to carry
  • Made of sturdy material

Why you may not like it

  • Will pre-announce its defense function when carried openly

Self-defense keys

Keys can be a perfect self-defense tool when used to stab or slash someone’s flesh, more so if the key is specially made for the self-defense function.

The good thing with key weapons is that you can carry them without anyone suspecting.

The best way to hold a key weapon is as though it was a stabbing knife. Putting keys between fingers as some tend to do can harm you and compromise your chances of defeating your assailant.

The best self-defense keys have these qualities:

  • A sharp edge to harm your assailant but not too sharp to harm you as you carry it around.
  • Made of strong enough material to withstand pressure.

Our Pick: CRKT Williams Defense Key

This CRKT carries the name of the designer, James Williams. It is your key to safety should an attacker assail you at close range.

The key’s design includes a 9705 Phillips head screwdriver tip which you can easily use as a screwing tool and a weapon when the need arises.

The key’s ergonomic handle is well balanced to allow you a secure grip in a self-defense situation and has a lanyard hole for attaching it to the keyring.

Your bunch of keys won’t weigh any heavier with this CRKT Williams Defense Key since it is only 1.1oz and its 3.57″ x 1.85″ x 0.39″ dimensions make for easy carrying in a bag or hooked to your belt.

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What you’ll like

  • Made of strong material
  • Light to carry around
  • Dual-purpose

What you may not like

  • When carried openly, its unique design will stand out among other keys.

Best Medium-Range Non-lethal Self-Defense Tools

Medium-range non-lethal self-defense tools are those that put a safe distance between you and the attacker (at least 2ft) while at the same time giving you the possibility to deal a defensive blow to the assailant.

Pro: Compared to close-range and long-range self-defense tools, they offer the best distance between you and the assailant since close-range tools limit your defense tactics and the possibility to flee and long-range tools compromise your aim and limit your chances of hitting the attacker.

Con: As with long-range self-defense tools, medium-range self-defense tools require some form of launching to get to the attacker, which increases the chance to miss.

Here are our 4 top medium-range non-lethal self-defense tools.

Stun batons

Stun batons work like stun guns (they are not striking batons) but provide a bit of distance between you and the attacker. They deliver an electric shock once placed on the assailant’s body.

Most stun batons have an extra function, usually a flashlight. So, they can be used to blind the attacker in the dark before being used for stunning.

The best self-defense stun batons have these qualities:

  • Long enough to provide a bit of distance between you and the attacker.
  • Strong electrodes to deliver a temporarily immobilizing electric shock.

Our choice: DEMP Stun Gun

This stun gun/baton fits in our middle-range category because it is retractable. You twist the top and bottom simultaneously in opposite directions to lengthen the baton to16.5"-19".

The stun gun delivers 30 million volts of electricity to the attacker on contact. You also have a LED flashlight that works in 5 modes: the high (100%), medium (50%), low (25%), S.O.S., and the strobe mode, which can be used to blind the attacker.

Despite its strong military-grade aluminum body, the DEMP Stun Gun is lightweight and can be carried easily in a backpack. You also have a nylon holster with a belt that makes carrying this stun gun even easier. The built-in battery can be recharged at any standard wall outlet.

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What you’ll like

  • Adjustable length
  • Light to carry around
  • Dual-purpose: flashlight and stun gun

What you may not like

  • Its size makes it cumbersome to carry around daily.

Tactical whips

The defense function of tactical whips is in their striking effect. Whips are painful on an attacker’s skin and will leave bruising and inflammation.

Most whips in the market are either metal or leather. One big drawback of using whips for self-defense is that they are hard to fold and conceal.

But that does not mean they can’t be used. In fact, some designs can be worn as belts and be easily drawn when needed.

Whips can also be turned against you if the assailant overpowers you. That’s why we place them among medium-range self-defense tools. The distance gives you better chances to be safe.

The best tactical whips for self-defense have these qualities:

  • They are designed to achieve a quick strike.
  • They allow a firm grip.

Our pick: Quick Strike Personal Safety Tool

The Quick Strike whip has been designed to offer protection for runners, bikers, students, and of course, preppers seeking a non-lethal weapon against an assailant.

Because it can be coiled into the handle, this whip can be carried concealed in a biker or pants or slid into a prepper’s backpack. Besides, it would be a perfect defense tool to carry always in your car.

The Quick Strike Personal Safety Tool is lightweight, weighing only 3oz. Its 17″ length offers a good distance between you and an assailant.

You can be sure of its deployment effectiveness considering it’s made from sturdy stainless steel and has a fiber-reinforced handle that ensures a firm and steady grip.

You’ll deal your assailant immobilizing blows thanks to the whip’s quick-spring action. Besides, the back of the handle can serve as a window breaker.

No products found.

What you’ll like

  • It can be partially coiled into the handle for easy carrying
  • It is lightweight
  • Quick-spring action
  • Sturdy material

What you may not like

  • Cumbersome to carry around daily

Collapsible or expandable batons/sticks

Batons and self-defense sticks work a bit like whips but are less flexible in deployment. Nonetheless, collapsible self-defense batons are easier to carry around and will serve as deterrent tools when an attacker strikes.

The key advantage with batons is that they are not legally restricted as with many other self-defense weapons. Besides, they are affordable and anyone can get one.

The best expandable batons for self-defense should have these qualities:

  • Easy and quick to expand and deploy.
  • Made of sturdy material.

Our pick: Outdoor Self-Defense Telescopic Stick

This defense stick is made of sturdy tungsten-manganese alloy steel, making it anti-rust and hard to bend.

You can use the stick to deal blows to your assailant and send them packing or use it as a glass breaker if need be.

The stick is extremely convenient to carry around since it has a 9.4″ collapsed length. Besides, you have a canvas holster that also allows you to hook it on your waist belt.

When you need to use it, the Outdoor Self-Defense Telescopic Stick expands to a whopping 24.8″ length which is quite a safe distance from your assailant. 

You need not worry about your stick sliding off your hand because the sponge handle is anti-slip and also absorbs sweat should the situation cause you a bit of perspiration.

No products found.

What you’ll like

  • Collapsible/expandable
  • Packing and hooking features for easy carrying
  • Offers a safe distance from the assailant
  • Sturdy material

What you may not like

  • May be slow to draw from the sheat

Monkey fists

Monkey fists were originally used to create weight at the end of a rope. In self-defense, the monkey paw-like knot on a rope is used to deal a distracting blow on an assailant, allowing you time to get away.

This is a real non-lethal self defense tool and will not cause much pain or harm in normal circumstances. However, it is good enough when you need to defend yourself.

Monkey fists for self-defense are often designed to be extended or shortened and are often used as keychains. You can easily make a DIY monkey fist or buy a ready-made one if you do not trust your knot-making skills.

The best self-defense monkey fist should have these qualities:

  • Be long enough to create a throwing distance between you and the assailant.
  • Be hard enough to deal a deterring blow to the attacker.

Best Long-Range Non-lethal Self-Defense Tools

Long-range self-defense tools are those that allow you to neutralize the threat and immobilize the attacker from quite a distance. Because your attacker is not next to you, these tools require you to have a steady arm and an accurate aim.

Pro: Using a long-range self defense weapon reduces your proximity to the source of danger, giving you a better chance for defense.

Con: you stand higher chances of missing the target, which can give the attacker time to disarm and harm you.

Here are our top 3 best long-range self-defense tools.

Air pistols

Air pistols are a toy reflection of real guns and shoot pellets/BBs through the expansion of compressed air.

Considering that civilians can’t own bean bag rounds in most countries/states because they are considered lethal, air pistols could be considered among the non lethal self defense devices that substitute a firearm.

Though they are common as shooting practice tools and play toys, they are also a perfect pick for a non-lethal weapon.

Most air pistols have a .22 or .177 caliber with the latter generating more energy than the .22. The efficacy of air guns for self defense is especially dependent on their shooting power which is measured in fps (feet per second).

While a real pistol is lethal, an air pistol will cause pain and probably perforate the attacker’s skin, but it will not kill them under normal circumstances.

The best air guns for self-defense should possess these qualities:

  • High shooting velocity
  • Small-size for easy portability and concealing

Our pick: Crosman Vigilante 357 Co2 Air Pistol Kit

The Crosman Vigilante is an excellent choice for the best non-lethal pistol when it comes to quality and budget. Its full-metal construction makes it quite popular.

You get a complete kit that includes the pistol and 3 packs of magazines, all for a standard price.

The semi-automatic air pistol allows both single and double action. It has an attractive design with a unique revolver style and a 6″steel barrel.

The pistol is CO2 powered and has a .177 caliber with a 435fps velocity. You have the option of loading either 10-round pellets or 6-round BBs.

The Crosman Vigilante qualifies as the best non-lethal self-defense air pistol especially because it is considered the smallest air gun in the market (weight: 2oz; length: 11.38″). It can, therefore, be easily carried on your waist or concealed in a handbag or backpack.

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What you’ll like

  • Easy to conceal
  • High shooting velocity
  • Budget kit combined with quality

What you may not like

  • The short barrel could compromise accuracy
  • A bit noisier than other models (4-medium-high)

Pepper spray guns

Pepper spray guns use pepper powder cartridges that dispense the powder at a spray range of 10ft or more. Today, some spray guns also use pepper ball projectiles.

Together with the ordinary pocket pepper sprays, pepper spray guns can be considered the most effective non-lethal self defense.

Pepper spray guns have the advantage of working at long-range, allowing you a safe distance from the assailant. They also have enough content to be used with multiple assailants.

Once used, the effect of the pepper on your assailant’s eyes and respiratory system will give you time to get to safety or get an emergency response to your rescue.

The best self-defense pepper spray guns have these qualities:

  • They dispense the pepper via a stream spray rather than a mist spray.
  • They are small enough to allow concealment.

Our pick: PepperBall LifeLite Personal Defense Launcher

We chose this 3-in-one pepper ball projectile gun for its many efficiency features. First, unlike other pepper spray guns, it does not mimic a real gun in its design, which means it won’t get you into trouble for apparently carrying a gun.

Second, the pepper projectile gun has a 1.75 LBS and 350 lumens LED flashlight with a launcher, giving you an extra function when you need to protect yourself in the dark. Also, the pepper in the projectiles is quite strong and will immediately immobilize your assailant.

The pepper gun comes as a complete kit with the Lifelite Launcher, 3 CO2 cartridges, 5 round of pepper ball projectiles, 10 inactive practice projectiles, custom pepper ball decal stickers, 2 CR123 batteries, and a lanyard.

The PepperBall LifeLite Personal Defense Launcher gives you a 60ft flashlight power, a 15ft Taser, and a 12ft pepper projectile shooting range, which is great for keeping your distance from the attacker. Besides, it has a safety switch that ensures your gun does not fire unless you do so.

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Affiliate Links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

What you’ll like

  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • Small enough for portability and concealment
  • Convenient design (not gun-shaped)

What you may not like

  • Quite pricey


Tasers are your non-lethal gun except they do not perforate the skin and their effect fades quickly. As such, a stubborn attacker can reiterate, especially if they realize that the Taser is the only weapon you have in hand.

Tasers use the same mechanism as stun guns by delivering an electric shock and immobilizing your assailant. That allows you time to escape or seek help.

Most Tasers will efficiently deliver the electric shock for up to 30ft. You’ll need a good aim to deliver the shock and ensure the assailant doesn’t close the distance between you and attack you at close range.

The best self-defense Tasers should have these qualities:

  • Long-range shooting
  • Easy to draw and use

Our pick: Taser 39061 Pulse Self-Defense Tool

The Taser 39061 comes with 2 live cartridges and a target and a lithium-ion battery. The yellow muzzle differentiates it from the real gun but will, nonetheless, give the assailant the impression that you are aiming a real gun.

You can stun your assailant from a 15ft range which gives you a safe distance. The effect of the electric shock on your assailant’s muscles will last for at least 30 seconds, giving you time to get away.

The Taser 39061 Pulse Self-Defense Tool also works like a stun gun should you miss and your assailant attacks at close range.

This Taser is easy to carry, weighing only 8oz and measuring 5.25″ x 1.25″ x 4.75″. It also has safety draw and usage features especially the ergonomic handle.

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Affiliate Links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

What you’ll like

  • Small and light to carry
  • Long-range shooting

What you may not like

  • Quite pricey
  • Gun-like features may limit carrying

If you're prepping your home for bugging in, check out our recommendations on the best non-lethal tools for home protection, as well as our comprehensive guide for bugging in.

Best Non-lethal Self-defense Tools Buying and Safety Tips

So, you have all you need to know about pepper sprays and guns, stun guns and batons, tactical pens and key chains, and all the other non-lethal self-defense tools that we have discussed.

But you still have one question in your mind: “How do I make the right choice?”

There are 5 key variables to consider when making your choice for a non lethal self defense weapon. We discuss them as key tips for buying and using these tools.

1. Weigh the non-lethal tool’s effectiveness in self–defense

The effectiveness of a non-lethal self-defense weapon is measured by its ability to neutralize an assailant and immobilize them so they do not continue to attack and harm you.

As such, it should take immediate effect, giving you the chance to get to safety or get additional help.

If you choose a pepper spray, for example, sending it into the assailant’s eyes gives them burning pain and raises their anxiety levels.

They won’t be able to think about attacking you anymore and you can actually walk away calmly without needing to run.

2. Consider the self-defense range at which you will need to use the tool

We’ve already explained that enough in the three categories into which we categorized the non-lethal self-defense tools: short-range, medium-range, and short-range.

Of course, the best thing is to have your assailant as far from you as possible. But because you do not always foresee an attack, it is better to be ready to use a self-defense weapon at any range.

How about buying and carrying a few that are useful in each of these situations?

3. Buy / carry a non-lethal self-defense weapon that is easy to use

Imagine having an air pistol that jams right in front of your assailant’s face?

You wouldn’t only be making yourself an easy target for the assailant, you will also be giving them a reason to laugh at you.

Buy and carry non-lethal self-defense tools that have a simple deployment mechanism and don’t risk leaving you exposed to risk when you need them.

Also, try and ensure you can efficiently use any self-defense tool as soon as you acquire them by practicing how to use them.

4. Be informed about the legality of your non-lethal self-defense weapons

Most non-lethal weapons may be legal in most places. But some countries or states have legal sanctions on any weapon; anything that causes extreme pain, and risks maiming or killing the target.

As such, it’s important to ensure that your choice self-defense weapon is legal in your region.

For example, the previously reviewed TERMINATOR Smart Cell Phone Stun Gun is illegal or restricted in a lot of US states including Michigan, Hawaii, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, and Chicago among several others.

Any legal problems arising from the purchase and use of self defense weapons are your responsibility. 

Most manufacturers leave the role of adhering to legal guidelines on a self-defense tool to the buyer/user in some of these terms:

  • The buyer assumes all responsibility for the use or misuse of the product.
  • The buyer is informed and abides by the federal or state laws governing the possession and use of the weapon.
  • The buyer is at least 18 years of age and has no legal disability limiting the ownership and use of the weapon
  • The buyer takes the responsibility to use the self-defense weapon in lawfully.

5. Prioritize effectiveness over the cost

Most non-lethal self-defense weapons are relatively affordable.

But even if they should cost a lot, it is always important to prioritize the quality and effectiveness of a self-defense tool over the price.

After all, we are talking about your safety and survival here!

Another essential survival item for protection is body armor. To find out what type would suit your prepping needs, check out our guide on the best bulletproof body armor for civilians.

Best Non-Lethal Self-Defense Tools Conclusions

Non-lethal weapons are effective self-defense tools. But their effectiveness will not only depend on their quality and the intensity of the attack, but it will also depend on your prior training or practice in using them.

When contemplating the use of non-lethal self-defense tools, always remember that they will only become defense weapons if you use them tactfully to neutralize a threat and immobilize an assailant.

Good luck with keeping yourself prepped and safe!

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In this article we´re going to lay to rest any doubts or confusions preppers may have about freezing food. We´ll also let you know which are the best survival foods for freezing and how long you should keep them stockpiled.

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5 Best Prepper Freezers [Long-term Survival Food Storage]

In this article, we´re going to dig deep into the advantages of having a prepper freezer. We will also give you our recommendations for the best ones to store your food for long term survival.

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7 Meat Preservation Methods For Preppers [Without Refrigeration]

We argue that storing meat without refrigeration is one of the most important skills every prepper needs to learn. In this article we talk about several methods to store meat long term even if you don't have a freezer.

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Hi, I'm Russ!

I've been prepping for a long time, but 2020 convinced me that I need to take it to the next level.

This website started as a way to keep me going forward on the path to being better prepared.

Now, I’m turning it into a complete blueprint for anyone else looking to do the same!
Russell M. Morgan
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