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Best Paracord for Survival

Here is our round-up of the best paracord brands for preppers in various survival situations.

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Paracord is the number one item for survivalists, preppers and outdoor enthusiasts. It has countless uses to keep you safe, save you time and even perhaps save your life when out in the wild.

Not all paracord is created equal, and no single type will serve every function. Have a read of our guide on how to use paracord for survival to discover how you can best use it in emergency situations.

Here is our round-up of the best paracord for a range of survival situations.

In a hurry? If you just want to get to our conclusions, here are our top picks and recommendations!

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Buying considerations

Before purchasing your paracord, there are a few things that need to be considered:

  • Survival cord is not for load-bearing. Specialized survival cord may contain inner threads of tinder, fishing line or metal for you to utilize. Whilst incredibly useful, this type of cord is not to be relied upon for hauling or lifting the heaviest loads. Instead, choose a reputable mil-spec cord that has been tried and tested at its maximum loading capacity.
  • Not all mil-spec claims are genuine. Many manufacturers claim their product is “mil-spec” - which stands for military specification - but only few are actually certified mil-spec by the US military. Brands you can trust include 5col and Tough-Grid. Keep reading for a further review of their products.
  • Type IV cord is stronger than Type III. Type IV cord typically contains eleven inner strands, whereas type III contains nine. Whilst type III will be good enough for most people, serious survivalists may want to consider splashing out on a higher-duty cord. If a Type III cord claims to be able to carry a load more than 550lbs; it probably isn’t true. The maximum load recommended by genuine Type III paracord is 550lbs. For anything heavier, choose Type IV.
  • Consider what length you will need. Paracord is sold in lengths of 10ft up to large spools of 1000ft. Determine how much you will need before making a purchase, so that you don’t waste money or come up short when out in the bush.

Top 10 Paracord Options

Best paracord for survivalists

UST Paratinder

The UST Paratinder is an ingenious invention. It combines high-grade heavy-duty 550 paracord with a strand of waxed jute cord running along the inner core, to provide you with instant fire should you need it.

Simply expose the inner core, locate the red tinder strand and set alight with a fire starter. UST sell recommended fire starters such as the UST Strikeforce or BlastMatch, but you’ll have to purchase these separately.

At just 1.2oz The UST Paratinder can also easily be woven into bracelets, lanyards, belts and more – plus the other inner cords can be used as sewing thread, fishing line and anything else you can think of.

This high quality cord is an essential for anyone with survival on the mind.

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Check out this video review of the UST Paratinder from MegaWoodswalker.

Best paracord for preppers

5col 550 Type III Nylon Paracord

The 5col 550 Type 3 Nylon Parachute Paracord is an incredibly sturdy, all-nylon paracord which you can really put through its paces.

It is difficult to find genuine mil-spec paracord – as opposed to just manufacturers’ claims – but this cord has been tried, tested and is real mil-spec from a US government certified manufacturer.

If its good enough for military parachute lines, its good enough for preppers. The Type III Paracord offers seven internal strands which can be put to good use in all types of survival scenarios.

If you have a little extra cash and want an even stronger cord, consider the 5col 750 Type IV which offers eleven internal strands and, as such, a higher load-bearing capacity (750lbs) with the same exemplary level of quality.

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Strongest paracord

Tough-Grid Type IV Paracord

Tough-Grid is another top paracord manufacturer whose products are truly mil-spec and backed by the US government.

Their Type IV paracord can withstand up to a huge 750lbs of pressure, so if you are looking for the ultimate tough paracord – then look no further.

This cord also comes in an impressive array of colors and is sold at lengths from 50ft to 1000ft. Ideal for fashioning into bracelets or carry-straps, or color-coding for sake of ease when out in the wilderness.

Whilst incredibly strong and durable, the outer nylon is also surprisingly soft – useful if you have to use it in an emergency medical situation as a tourniquet or splint.

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Check out this video review of the Tough-Grid Type IV Paracord from CaptainBerz.

Best budget paracord

ParacordGalaxy 550 Paracord

Paracord Galaxy are offering all-nylon cord at rock bottom prices. At only $5.79 for 100ft (if you buy from their site directly) they really cannot be beaten on value for money. 

When tested in real-world situations, the ParacordGalaxy 550 Paracord did not quite live up to its mil-spec claim; hardly surprising given the price.

Use this cord if you are on a budget and need something simple to do job. It will serve you well enough for everything except hauling the heaviest loads!

No products found.


Premium survivalist paracord

Titan Type III SurvivorCord

If you are looking for the ultimate survival cord, then the Titan Type III is our top recommendation.

Woven into its core are not one, not two, but three specialized strands for survival situations: there is a waxed jute strand for lighting fires, a mono fishing line, and a conductive metal wire for fashioning traps or using as electrical wire.

The Titan Type III SurvivorCord shell is nylon, but the remaining inner threads are made of polyester which makes it more lightweight although slightly less robust for load-bearing: something to be wary of when using outdoors.

It also comes in a range of colors, so can be easily and stylishly attached to your person and your gear.

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Check out this video review of the Titan Type III SurvivorCord from CbyS Paracord and More.

Best value paracord

Paracord Planet Mil-Spec 550 Type III Paracord

The 550 Type III Paracord from Paracord Planet is a great all-rounder. It claims to be Mil-Spec, however some rigorous and trusted testers have found that it doesn’t quite live up to that claim.

That being said, the Paracord Planet Mil-Spec 550 Type III Paracord is more than adequate in situations where you don’t need the strongest, lightest or highest-grade of cord.

All strands are 100% nylon, and are resistant to rot and mildew. Starting as low as $7.49 for 50ft – this item really is the best bang for your buck. The fluorescent color options make it excellent for tent-lines or in emergency situations where visibility is key.

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Best reflective paracord

GearAid 550 Reflective

This reflective paracord from GearAid is a great addition to any pack. Tried and tested, this manufacturer also makes true mil-spec quality cord, so you know you can rely on it to carry heavy loads as you’d expect.

With seven internal strands and high-quality reflective nylon as an outer, the GearAid 550 Reflective cord is great for tent guylines or making yourself visible at a roadside.

It comes in orange reflective, black reflective or simple camouflage – making a range of options to suit every survivalist’s need.

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Best lightweight paracord

Paracord Hero Type III Paracord

The Paracord Hero Type III cord does exactly what it says on the tin. The outer sheath is made from UV resistant nylon and contains seven 2-ply inner strands.

It is not mil-spec, meaning that the fabrics are less durable but considerably lighter. It is rated to 550lbs as is most type III cord, but we would not recommend pushing it to this maximum load due to its lighter fabrics.

It is perfect for throwing in a backpack, day-pack or fashioning into lightweight paracord bracelets and belts. Paracord Hero has lots of fun and interesting color designs too, making it an excellent choice for jewelry.

No products found.

Best paracord for bracelets

Paracord 550 kit

The Paracord 550 kit from Paracord Planet is an excellent starter kit for anyone wanting to make braiding, bracelets and other paracord crafts.

It includes five colors of commercial grade cord, buckles for bracelets and metal rings for key chains.

There are a lot of paracord bracelet kits on the market, but if you want your bracelet to be useful in a survival situation and not just a fashion accessory, then go for a manufacturer such as Paracord Planet who have a good reputation and manufacturing standards.

Their 550 cord lives up to its name and can quickly be released from its belt, bracelet or lanyard form to be used – and relied upon – in an emergency.

No products found.

As an alternative: Check out these colorful bracelet sets by Craft County as an ideal starter set for kids.

Colorful best paracord for survival in the form of bracelets

Do not rely on this paracord for heavy loads in an emergency – only use them for a fun and colorful craft activity with your children!

Best Alternative to Paracord

Everbilt Paracord Rope

The Everbilt Paracord Rope is not technically paracord – as it does not contain an inner core of separate threads.

The name is certainly misleading, however we are including it in this review as it maintains exceptional tensile strength and is even preferred in heavy load-bearing situations as it is less stretchy than regular paracord.

It is made from polyester and not nylon, which makes it more UV resistant and will wear down less quickly than nylon paracord.

If you are looking for ultimate strength at the lowest price: then the Everbilt Paracord Rope is the choice for you. It is excellent for building shelters, or affixing loads to trucks for haulage.

No products found.

Best Paracord Conclusions

There are many different flavors of paracord out there, and no one style will suit everybody.

Most survivalists carry a few different options with them so that they have a paracord ready for every scenario that they might encounter.

Try combining a few of the options above so that you never leave the house without survival paracord: a tough cord for heavy loads, a few fashion accessories that may come in handy and options to color code it all based on preference!

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