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Best Survival Saw For Emergency Preparedness

This article will give you a detailed guide into choosing the best survival saw for your prepping needs, either for emergencies or wilderness bushcraft.

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Emergencies offer no warnings. However, we must always do our best to survive them. Are you a prepper, avid adventurer or just can’t keep yourself out of the woods?

A survival saw should be an essential inclusion to your prepper gear every time you go into the wilderness or you're forced to bug out.

They come in different sizes and models all suited for different purposes. From clearing forest trails, cutting wood, clearing bushes when lost in the jungle all the way to starting fires

This article will give you a detailed guide into choosing the best survival saw to suit your prepping needs, either for emergencies or wilderness bushcraft.

In a hurry? If you just want to get to our conclusions, here are our top picks and recommendations!

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Types of Survival Saws

Pocket Folding Saws

Commonly referred to as folding saws, they are the most preferred used survival saw. Pocket saws consist of a blade mounted on a handle that can be folded back to half the original size. The blades can be curved or straight, depending on your preference.

The pocket saw is almost twice the size of your ordinary pocket knife. They are easy to use but have a limited life span than your average saw. You can carry out various functions such as pruning and cutting small branches but not ideal when logs are involved.

They are relatively cheaper and can fit into almost any pocket, whether it's a jacket, survival backpack, or car glove box.

Pocket Chainsaws

They trace their ancestry from the wire saws. They do the work much faster than wire saws while expending lesser energy. They are lightweight champions in the survival saws division, making them your best tag team partner in survival situations.

Most pocket chainsaws come with either plastic or fabric pouches for carrying them. As they fold easily, the pouches are relatively smaller, and you can walk around with them around the waist without feeling any weight.

Currently, most pocket chainsaws come with a fire starter giving them a considerable advantage over pocket folding saws. With this in mind, below are some of the saws we recommend.

5 Best Survival Saws Reviewed

Tabor Tools TTS25A Folding Saw

The TTS25A is a lightweight survival saw weighing less than 9 ounces. Despite being light, the saw is strong as it has a chrome-plated 8-inch steel blade.

The blade has rugged 3- dimensional razor teeth for deep and conventional cutting with up to 4-inch cutting capacity; it seamlessly tears into any wood.

The teeth are hardened for increased toughness and ensure it lasts for long. The curved blade enables smooth and efficient cutting as it fits around the branch or logs perfectly.

The rust-resistant blade of this bushcraft survival saw is specially designed to prevent sap buildup on the teeth that may slow the cutting process.

The TTS25A Folding Saw is fitted with an ergonomically-shaped red handle that makes it very easy to find even when mixed up with clothes or equipment.

The shape design makes it ideal for usage for long periods without discomfort to your palm or wrist. An anti-slip grip is added to the handle for increased comfort and steady grip during usage.

Its folding capability enables it to fit comfortably into your pocket, bug out bag, toolbox, or glove compartment. The draw-back strokes are recommended when using the TTS25A saw.

The folding saw is an excellent addition for any prepper as it can be used for clearing paths, setting up your camp structures, and preparing your campfire.

When you are done using the saw, you can easily fold it -with the handle serving as a sheath. The handle has a special lock that makes sure the blade is secured in its place.

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  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It is durable
  • Sharp and strong blade
  • Safe locking mechanism


  • Limited to small branches and twigs

PVibe Tools Folding Saw

Are you looking for a versatile, efficient, and high-performance saw? The PVibe Tools Folding Saw will suit you. It consists of a blade measuring 10 inches long with a thickness of 1.25mm.

The saw weighs 0.6 pounds and 0.8 pounds when fitted in the sheath. Its aggressive 3 -angle sized rugged teeth give it an extremely powerful cutting edge.

The blade has up to 6 razor-sharp teeth per inch for efficient heavy duty smooth and fast cutting. It is incredibly strong, providing accurate cuts off branches and logs with up to 5-inch diameter.

The steel blade of this wilderness survival saw is rust-resistant, so you won't have to worry about it getting wet and murkier, but it's paramount to keep it dry and clean for a longer life span.

The PVibe Tools Folding Saw features an improved pistol-grip handle, which is ergonomically cushioned to relieve aching of the hand or the wrist during and after use. It also has a non-skid grip for increased stability during cutting.

The sturdy but lightweight plastic sheath avoids unfortunate injuries and cuts when the saw is not in use. The saw fits perfectly into the scabbard, limiting any chance of the saw falling out from the casing as well as providing cool and dry storage of the saw.

Attached to the plastic sheath is a belt that can be worn around the waist during hikes, fishing, camping, and any adventure or survival quest you are on.

In addition to the belt, the PVibe Tools Folding Saw has a hanging hole on the handle for convenient storage capabilities. It is smaller than the regular bow saw, making it ideal for cutting in tight spots where the latter wouldn't have managed to reach.

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  • It is durable
  • Strong blade
  • Pistol-grip handle
  • Plastic sheath with belt for carriage ease


Cutting resistance due to many teeth per inch

Sumpri Pocket Chainsaw

The Sumpri pocket chainsaw is a survivalist must-have. This saw can cut through plantations and wood with relative ease, saving you valuable time and effort.

The new design features a 36-inch two-dimensional chainsaw with stronger blades. The blades and made from high strength steel that is heat-treated, making them sturdier and insanely razor sharp.

Its longer strokes consisting of more teeth make it unsurprisingly faster than its predecessor, boasting a cutting capacity of 3 inches of wood in barely 10 seconds. Beat that!!

The entire Sumpri survival saw kit is very portable, flexible, and light despite the superior functioning. 

The Sumpri pocket chainsaw can serve in any weather and environment. The product comes with a magnesium fire starter. In addition to being an all-weather tool, it is shatterproof even under heavy tension.

The fire starter is extremely easy to use and enables you to start a fire even in the dampest of surroundings.

A heavy-duty pouch casing attached to a compact belt gives you safe storage for both the survival chainsaw and fire starter. It provides easy access to the saw and makes it convenient to carry it around during the adventures.

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  • Shatterproof
  • It has a magnesium fire starter
  • Easy to access
  • High quality treated steel.


  • Fire starter does not last long

Silky GomBoy Curved Folding Saw

For a long time, the Silky Gomboy Saw has been the number one selling product of Silky Industries. However, their new Silky Gomboy Curved Folding Saw is setting new heights for the giant manufacturer.

The significant difference between the 2 products is the curved blade and the teeth being impulse hardened. The company still maintains its high-quality Japanese steel as the material of choice.

The new prepper survival saw features a curved blade measuring 210mm. The cutting design is patented by Mirai-Me, making the teeth sturdier and of high quality.

The teeth glide through wood with devastating efficiency, and you will be amazed by the smoothness of the cutting surface. These patents have enabled Silky to maintain its stature as arguably the best saw manufacturer in the world.

Silky has also invested in high standard rubberized grips that enhance their non-slip handles. This enables the Silky Gomboy Curved Folding Saw to be used in any weather and environment.

Whether it is cold or in the middle of summer, you can comfortably use the Gomboy without suffering frostbites or sunburns. It renders gloves surplus and irrelevant, and you can save the space for something else.

It also features a customized hard plastic pouch/casing that ensures the blade is safely locked away when in usage. The saw is so versatile and should be part of any prepper gear list.

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  • It is durable
  • Strong steady curved blade.
  • High quality Japanese Steel
  • Rubber anti-slip grips


  • It is expensive

Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw

Sportsman Industries rarely disappoints with its unique product designs. The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw is no exception. Weighing at just under 0.14kgs, it has a longer and thicker 32-inch chain.

The chain is made of carbon heated steel. It also features a unique self-cleaning mechanism fitted with blades that are razor sharp. The blades are 3-angled, making it extremely fast when chopping down twigs, branches, or even large tree trunks.

The blades can be conveniently sharpened with a regular round file making it ideal to be used in the remotest of locations, a vital attribute for a survival saw. 

The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw is equipped with a tough nylon storage pouch as well as a belt loop. It can be attached to your belt or backpack for portability purposes. It also has rugged, sturdy handles for increased grip, which are cunningly comfortable.

The handles are extendable by rope to reach branches that would ideally be too high to get to and watch the razor-sharp blades tearing the wood apart in a matter of seconds.

Sportsman industries pride themselves in their attention to detail and true to that; this pocket chainsaw easily fits the bill of the 'mother of all survival saws.'

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  • It is very sharp
  • It is strong and durable
  • Extendable handles
  • Ability to handle heavy weights
  • Lifetime guarantee commitment


  • Considerably heavy

If you're looking for a survival tool with more cutting power, check out our buyer guide for the best survival axe.

Attributes of a Good Survival Saw

Saw Portability

It is essential for a good survival saw to be able to be easily stored and carried around. The prepper saw should be a comfortable fit in pockets, survival backpacks as well as toolboxes for easy access in their time of need. The saw should be strong enough but at the same time lightweight.

This attribute has led to manufacturers shifting to foldable and retractable saws. The market has seen an increase of saws fitted with sheaths as well as pouches, which were previously associated with survival knives.

Belts have also been added to the pouches to be worn around waists. This will enable you to draw them out as fast as possible on the sight of danger, or an obstacle just needs to be cut down. 

Saw Durability

The material is the main determinant of durability. While almost all survival saws are made of steel, the quality and hardening/treatment process of the steel gives a particular saw an advantage over another.

Forged high carbon steel is ideal due to its ability to be lighter but, at the same time being hard. This translates to a durable yet incredibly lightweight survival saw for you to vary around.

The treatment of the saw steel also ensures the blade is resistant to rust and other corrosive agents. The best survival saw should last you a long while as you never know when rescue might come.

Saw Efficiency

Your prepper saw should be able to get the job done effectively. The blade and teeth shapes play a critical role in achieving cutting efficiency.

A curved blade supersedes a flat or straight blade when it comes to survival needs as the curve encompasses the branch for fast and accurate cutting.

Chainsaws or wire saws also offer excellent results as they are longer and can conquer bigger obstacles than the traditional fixed saws.  

How to Use a Survival Saw

Saws are usually easy to use, but a degree of caution should be exercised due to their razor-sharp blades.

With the survival folding saws, you ought to carefully unfold them. Ensure the teeth grasp the twig or branch and use the manufacture's preferred technique of cutting.

More often than not, the pull-back stroke is recommended for foldable saws. It's important to note that the blade may be strong as well as short, but when the wrong stroke is used, it results in bending and breakages.

Distance between you and the branch you're cutting should be considered when using survival wire saws and chainsaws to avoid injuries.

The saw's recommend cutting technique is also the draw-back stroke. The strokes tend to be longer depending on the length of the chain or wire. Saws should not be left to be used with children unsupervised.

You reduce your chances of survival when you are unable to see well, so do remember to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from loose chippings.

In case you're out in the wilderness with no safety goggles, sunglasses provide a quick but critical replacement.  

Person cutting a tree branch in the wilderness, using a survival saw

Survival Saw Blade Care and Maintenance

The blade is the paramount part of the saw. The blade should be used for the right purposes. It should not be used to cut unconventional materials such as stones and metals. This destroys the teeth hence reducing the lifespan and usefulness of the saw.

It is vital to clean and wipe your blade dry after use. Do not store the blade while it is still wet or dirty. Proper care of the teeth should be considered. They should be checked for residues and gently cleaned out. Do not use your hands or fingers to remove the dirt as you risk injury.

You also need to sharpen depending on the usage. Hand files, as well as mechanized sharpening, can be used according to your preferences. Regular sharpening when the blade is not in use results in wearing off the teeth and the blade.

Always store the blade in a dry and cool place, and this can be made possible in investing in a good sheath. Some products come with them, but others do not. The sheath provides not only proper storage, but also safety while you are moving around.

For more tips and tricks on survival blades care and maintenance, check out our dedicated guide on how to clean and maintain your sharp survival tools.

Survival Saw FAQs

What is the best survival saw?

The best survival saw depends on your set of needs as well as preferences. Needs and preferences cannot be standardized.

Every saw has its strengths and weaknesses for various survival scenarios. So the choice of the best survival saw is left for you to discern which of the saws strong attributes will serve your needs best.

However, we think you can't go wrong with the Silky GomBoy Folding Survival Saw as an overall choice for any prepper looking to outfit a bug out bag or get home bag.

Which type of survival saws lasts longer?

The durability of the saw is affected by different factors such as frequency of usage, blade material and maintenance. The more frequent a saw is used the less likely it is going to last.

The material also plays a huge role as a carbon heated steel blade is bound to last longer than an amortized steel blade.

Ideally, when all factors are held constant, pocket chainsaws last longer than pocket saws as the former can handle more stress.

Are chainsaws with more teeth better?

More teeth on a saw chain translate to more surface area for cutting. However, more teeth result in the chain clinging to the log/wood leading to more resistance. Therefore one uses more effort while using the saw.

Another advantage of evenly spaced teeth is that the teeth do not clog with chaff or wood chippings. This feature is used in all chainsaws that boast of having a self-cleaning ability.

How do survival saws compare to survival hatchets?

While survival saws can only be used for cutting, survival hatchets have a hammer that can be used for more uses.

However, saws are more flexible and portable than hatchets. Nevertheless, survival saws are lighter which makes them ideal for carrying around.

Survival Saw Final Thoughts

When determining the best survival saw for preppers and survivalists, it’s important to consider a saw that does not measure more than 15 inches.

Within this bracket, the saw can fit comfortably into a survival backpack or it  can be attached to a belt for great portability.

Maintenance is key to the durability of a saw so make sure you always clean it and store it properly after using it.

From the above reviews of the best survival saws, you are guaranteed of to find a quality one that will serve you well in any emergency situation or wilderness bug out.

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