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Best Dual Fuel Generator [6 Options For Bugging In]

Because they can be relied on during emergencies, dual fuel generators are winning the hearts of preppers and gaining quick popularity. Check out our 6 picks for the best dual fuel generators on the market today.

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Best Solar Generator For Off-Grid Living

Because it’s easier to tap the Sun’s energy off-the-grid, a survival solar generator wouldn’t be a bad option at all. In fact, you should consider it a top ‘must-have’ off-grid item.

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Best Inverter Generator [7 Picks For Emergency Preparedness]

When prepping for an emergency, choosing an inverter generator is not just a convenience detail, it's a safety detail. Power from an inverter generator will silently charge sensitive devices and appliances without drawing the attention of intruders.

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7 Types of Generators for Off Grid Living

The best generator for off-grid living is the one that will meet your power needs. That means choosing a type and size that’s best suited to power all your critical appliances and devices.

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Off-Grid Communication [15 Methods For Survival Communication]

Off-grid communication methods are indispensable when regular methods like using a cell phone fail. Your backups can be: ham radios, a satellite phone or lighting a fire to signal for help.

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