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Truck Bug Out Bag (11 Vehicle Bug Out Bag Item Categories)

A car / vehicle / truck bug out bag is the go-bag with a complete set of survival items and gear that you keep in your vehicle always so that you can grab it and go should you need to abandon your car when SHTF.

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Best Women's Bug Out Bag List (Female Prepper Gear)

Giving a feminine touch to your bug out bag doesn’t have to be a hassle, and a woman’s survival bag can be made to make a disaster situation less stressful. This article will give you survival tips and gear suggestions to make your prepping easier and thorough!

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Best Prepper Helmet: Bump Or Ballistic? (+3 Recommendations)

While it does add extra weight to a bug out bag, a helmet can prove indispensable for preppers in certain survival situations. Find out more about bump and ballistic helmets in this article.

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Best Survival Flare Gun [3 Prepper Choices]

A flare gun is a pistol-like device that fires flares for signaling or illumination in emergencies. This article will help you decide what the “right” flare gun is for preppers!

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Survival Pry Bar vs. Prepper Crowbar [6 Urban Bug Out Bag Picks]

This article explores the similarities and differences between survival pry bars and prepper crowbars. We discuss their uses, benefits, drawbacks and the best pry bars and crowbars you can buy today.

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Best Prepper Laptop [3 Bug Out Bag SHTF Laptops]

In this article we discuss whether you would need a laptop when SHTF, the reasons you should consider one for your bug out bag, and our top prepper laptop choices!

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