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In this section of Telson Survival you will find articles related to Self Defense, Home Protection and Homesteading.

The topics covered will include: best survival foods and how to build a stockpile, water storage for survival, how to build a shelter, first aid kits and how to use them, basic self defense skills and tactics, building your own survival garden and much more!

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8 Best Non-Lethal Home Defense Tools for Bugging In

In this article we’ll discuss 8 of the best non-lethal home defense tools when bugging in and give you tips when buying and using them for self-defense.

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How to Start an Urban Survival Garden

By starting an urban survival garden, you are tackling an immediate problem that impacts your life. You are also actively prepping for harder times ahead!

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Start A Survival Garden | Complete Guide For Preppers

In this guide on how to start a survival garden we'll go over all the basics you need to know to get you started in the world of prepper farming.

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Best Self Defense Knife for Preppers

The best self defense knife for preppers is made of high-quality materials, is easy to carry around concealed and quick to draw and use against an assailant.

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10 Best Survival Water Storage Containers

This article covers the best survival water storage containers on the market and what you should look for when buying a quality one for bugging in.

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8 Best Emergency Food Storage Containers

We've compared and reviewed a list of the 8 best emergency food containers that you should consider as a prepper to store your survival food.

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How to Make Hardtack

By the end of this guide, you’ll have all the info you need to make a batch of hardtack in minutes and get a sense of how big a part it played in world history.

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Bugging In [Guide to preparing your home for survival]

Bugging in is your best bet if, in a disaster or emergency scenario, getting on the move will put you at risk or decrease your chances for survival.

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How to Make Pemmican

Pemmican is a survival food with a long history of getting humans through insanely challenging situations. This article will show you how to make pemmican.

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Best Bulletproof Body Armor For Preppers (Complete Guide)

Understand what body armor does, how it works, what types of body armors exist and how to choose the best one that fits your survival needs.

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